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wardrobe essentials

Ok so I'm sure most of us who are trying to be fashionable keep running into this list of wardrobe essentials.
Well here's what I think every Indian girl's wardrobe should contain.

This is no.1 on my list because I feel it is one of the most versatile pieces of clothing. You can stitch it in any style, my personal favorite being knee length, three-fourth sleeves with a slit, and a simple box neck. You can dress it up when your going for a party with a really fancy stole or dupatta. It can be worn with jeans for casual outings. and you can accessorise it in tons of ways. I mean what more do you need from a piece of clothing!!!

Whatever the style, i think a black bottom is necessary. It can be paired with any kind of kurta. The legging type looks great with long tops as well. Throw on  belt, and you're as chic as can be.

We all wear saris at some point in time. I think a black blouse is really important!! It can be worn in contrast with many saris. Who said blouses only have to match??

This, I feel is essential for the wedding season. You don't need much of jewellery if your blouse is shining and shimmering! With a deep back or even a halter style, not only will you bring elegance to the floor, but you'll also have everyone's jaw drop to the floor.

There are the times when you wanna go all ethnic but kind of modern as well, for those situations I think a long flowy skirt in a pale colour like beige is a great choice. You can pair it with a tee and add chunky accessories for a contemporary look, or pair it with a dark kurti with embroidery, for a more traditional look. It's versatile and elegant.

For all the times when a sweater is too much, the classic black shawl does the trick. It can be worn with jeans, skirts, salwars and of course saris. Go for a designer shawl and you;v immediately added style to whatever your wearing.

Ok I know this isn't really a wardrobe thing, But I feel no Indian girl should go around without this. Our eyes are our beauty. So lets show them off.

Well these are the things that I feel are essential for us to create various looks and styles.
Then again this is only my opinion


miss kays



I;m sure your thinking "Another fashion blog!! How obsessed can women get!!". True. This is just another blog. I'm surely not going to claim that what I've created is like one of kind or anything. It's just that while I was browsing for tips on makeup and how to accessorize and how to make over my wardrobe etc etc, i realised that almost every site or every YouTube video I saw was never by Indian women. Most of the stuff isn;t appilcable for Indian life. Like for example, there are tons of videos and write ups on how to make over a closet; however there are not many people in India who own closets. For most of us we have a trusty old Godrej bureau or just a regular wardrobe. So all I;m trying to do here is cater to the Indian woman. The regular Indian woman for whom fashion means nothing more than looking good with what she has in terms of money, and time.

-Miss Kays