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Makeup review: Oriflame Veryme Double Trouble eye pencil

Ok so I have a bunch of reviews that have been long overdue. Time is something that never seems to be enough!! No whining. Let's just get started.

I am a FAN of eye makeup. I bought a bunch of new eye pencils/crayon/liner in the past few months and well now seems to be the perfect time to review them since I know have a good idea of what they are like.

First up is Oriflame Veryme Double Trouble eye pencil 

I have never bought anything from Oriflame before because I always believed it was kinda expensive. But it's actually not too bad. And of course now that I am earning, well it's okay for me to spend my hard earned cash. Getting back to the review

How did I get to know about this product?
Well we had a Diwali Mela in our apartments and there was one stall where a representative was selling Oriflame, Avon and Tupperware products. I wasn't planning to buy anything but when I saw this eye pencil I just fell in love with the colours and the feel, I just had to have it!!

About the product

It is a small pencil weighing 1.38g. 2 colours in one pencil.  There are some interesting colour combinations. and it costs 179rs.

Blue lagoon-
Electric purple-
Goddess Green-
Mocha Loca-
Night Glow-

The one i have is called Goddess Green and the colours are sea blue and peacock green. (I love both colours :):))

Pros of the product

  • The pencil is really smooth.
  • It has a bit of shimmer (Just the right amount I feel). 
  • It is really long lasting with a rich colour. 
  • Doesn't smudge easily and doesn't wash off with water. 
  • Really easy to apply especially for those who are terrible at putting liquid liner or are trying their hand for the first time at using eye pencils.

Cons of the product

  • You need some kind of make up remover to remove it and that is a pain especially after a long tiring day.
  • If you don't remove it properly you will see traces of it till the next day. 
  • It's not easily available, you need to find a Oriflame representative to buy it from.

The centre 2 colours are the colours of this pencil.

What I think of the product?
I LOVE it!! and I would so buy it again. Maybe in other colour combinations. I think it's really worth the money. It look great and feels good. I would recommend this for anyone who is just getting into make up.

This is just my opinion based solely on what I felt after using it. It isn't to influence anyone.


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