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Top 5 favourite products of the year 2012.

As the year comes to an end just as I reminisce over the events of the year, my mind also wandered into the makeup journey that I have been through this year. Lots of shopping, different brands, trial and error with eyeshadow colours and different looks, my skin and its issues, and of course trying to maintain this blog!!

So in terms of the products that i bought over the year, I realised that there were products that had become part of my daily routine in terms of both skin care and makeup.

Skin care: Fash Facewash.

I have been using this for over a year and even though I have used other face washes in between, there hasn't been a day when I haven't used this.

Lip care: Maybelline Lip Smooth Colour and Care in Mandarin.

I am in love with this lip balm. It gives the prettiest peachy tint to my lips and keeps them well moisturised.

For the eyes: Revlon Eyeliner pencil in Black 

This is on my waterline everyday whether I go out or not!!

For the Lashes: Lakme Eyeconic mascara. 

I don't wear mascara everyday but this is my go-to mascara on the days I decide to wear mascara.

For the hair: Biotique BioMargosa Shampoo and conditioner.

I alternate this with my medicated shampoo and my hair is really regaining it's shiny bouncy wavy nature.

There are a few more things that I do like, but they don't figure into the top 5 products.

What were your favourite products in this year?

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REVIEW: Revlon eyeliner pencil in black

I have always found Revlon to be slightly out of my monthly budget so when Health and Glow had an offer on this eye pencil, I thought this was the best chance to try it out.


REVIEW: Fash Facewash

Facewash. If you walk into Health and Glow, you can see rows and rows of different facewashes. For oily skin, for dry skin, to make you whiter, to reduce marks, to prevent pimples. There are so so many different types. But the facewash I am going to talk about today is something that is found in medical stores as it is medicated


REVIEW: Maybelline Lip Smooth Colour and Care in Mandarin.

Lip balms have become a staple item in my bag. When I started medication for my acne I could not use any makeup (I still can't:P) and it really depressed me so I went on this spree of shopping for Lip Balms. This one that I am reviewing today is a lip balm that I have fallen IN LOVE with. I use it every day and I am looking to get another one soon (I've almost used it up).

I use this under lipsticks, as just a tinted lip balm, and as lip care. Love it Love it Love it

It has this pretty peachy colour and my lips just shine with this one.

It lasts quite about 3 hours or so with drinking eating all of that.

Ok I've just gone on and on talking about it.

Here are some pics.

Sorry about the pics. I was so excited when I bought it I clicked it on my phone. That's why the lipbalm is still unused.

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Acne and me- Update!!

As most of my regular readers will know I have been battling with adult acne for a while now. For those who are new here, these are the links to the previous posts here and here.

ORGANIZATION: How to arrange your scarves.

Living in Bangalore, the weather is never so cold that we need really thick bulky scarves. Scarves are more of an accessory. Atleast for me. I don't own a lot but I do own different texures.


What I wore for my birthday!! and some Rambling

I had this idea that I would post this the night before my birthday. High hopes!! The eve of my birthday was spent in searching for the perfect accessories for my sari, getting wet in the rain in the process, and then setting question papers for the upcoming exams!

Because I am on holiday

Not having to get up and rush to work is a beautiful feeling when you haven't had a break in over 2-3 weeks!! To just be able to snuggle down further into your blanket when the alarm rings is a luxury I can now afford. Atleast for another 15 days :)


Of Carnivals and Colds

I was so proud of myself for having been on a roll and updating the blog regularly. Then again, pride comes before a fall right, and I fell sick :P



I am a really organised type of person. All my jewellery, clothes, books are arranged in a particular way. One of the biggest problems I have is that I have limited wardrobe space and less space for storing all my accessories. Another issue is that when I put away the jewellery into boxes, I really don't know what I own and so I don't use so many pieces. So I have been trying to find different ways to store all my accessories such I can view them and yet keep them safe. Quite a tough task.

This post focuses mainly on the way I have organised the long chains that I own.


REVIEW: Maybelline COLORsensational Lipstick In Bronze Orange

Lipsticks. Somehow the minute you say the word makeup, lipstick is the first image associated with it. I was never a big lipstick person until now. Why? Because wearing lipstick shows people that I am definitely wearing lipstick and I always thought that it would make them look at me weirdly (not that I'm not looked at as a strange person now, I am but that's for different reasons.)

Anyway, those who read my blog regularly (I'm hoping there are some out there who do read my blog!!) will know that I have major acne issues and can't wear anything but on my eyes and lips.
Hence the new fancy is to buy lipsticks. Actually it was lipbalms and I have a number of those waiting to be reviewed but I chose to review this first, simple because it is the first lipstick that I bought. Not gifted, not handed down by my mom but I went and tried it, tested it and bought it.

Maybelline Coloursensational Lipstick in Bronze Orange. 

About a month ago I went on a mini makeup spree at Health and Glow. I did a haul post and now I'm finally putting up the review of the lipstick I bought.

The Colour- Peach  with pink undertones

The Finish- Creamy Satin

The Staying Power- 3 to 4 hours. Starts to fade and eventually there is no trace on your lips.

The Moisturising Power- Tons and more. In this dry winter season I need lipbalm under it but I don't I would need that in the summer seaon.

The Packaging- The colour of the package matches the name of the lipstick- Bronze Orange. Really isn't too hard to find in my collection of lipsticks (well I don't have that many as well :P)

The Price -250INR

My take on it- I really like it. A nice neutral shade that I wear to work everyday.For parties I glam it up by adding a gloss on top. For work, I go a slightly smoky look and pair it with this lipstick.

Will I buy again??
First I wanna finish this, that maybe I will.

That's my take on this product.

miss kays


Disclamier: This review is what I felt about the product and it is only my views and opinions about this.


Attempt at an EOTD

I do wear a lot of eye makeup but I never post it up. So as a first attempt there are a few issues like the angle in which the pics are taken, and my eyebrows aren't filled in and the highlight colour isn't bright enough So forgive me for that.!!
But well I hope you will still like it. 


JEWELLERY HAUL: Diwali Special

I live in an apartments which houses around 70 other families. It isn't one of those really large apartments and so the community is quite a close-knit one. Many of the festivals are celebrated as a community here and sometimes reasons are created to have a pot-luck type of get together.


My Skin and its issues

I had done a post some time ago about how I was having terrible acne. In the previous post I told you how it started. Here I will tell you the various treatments I tried for it.


Mic testing 1..2..3..

Ok I;m just experimenting with some different looks for the blog. Been away for a while and well I've had to take a break from blogging because I had to go out of town and it's been crazy hectic at work. so yes I will be back with more posts. Till then its just some playing around. Bear with me

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Blouse Designs: What I am going to wear to my friend's wedding reception.

I know people usually post about what they wore so for a change I thought I'd post about what I intend to wear for my friend's wedding which is the coming weekend. The concentration here is on the blouse and sari.

I believe blouses can add all the jazz you want to a sari.. So I take a bit of time to find the right extras to add on to it.

The Sari:

Bought at PSR Silks, Coimbatore.

Price: 700INR
The pallu



So remember I mentioned how I could not wear makeup to the function in my dad's office, that is because I have a severe case of acne. Atleast I think it is Acne! It is this huge 'thing' on my right cheek, painful, ugly and more painful. After trying all sorts of home remedies I finally went to the dermatologists. (it is in plural because I went to more than one). I don't usually blog about this kind of stuff but I thought there have got to be others out there who are going through the same (hopefully not worse). So this post is merely to tell you what all I have tried, what I am doing right now and hopefully keep you updated on improvements.
This is not to tell anyone what not to do, and certainly I am not recommending the treatment that I am undergoing. I am just sharing my experience.
Merely a form of documentation.

There will be pictures put up and trust me when I say the pictures are not for the weak hearted.

This post is definitely going to be long and so I will put up as two parts.

Like any normal teenager I went thru my share of pimples all the way till college. It was the usual small ones, occasionally too much of spice would make a big one burst but nothing that would not go away in a  few days and almost never left any marks on my face. I had fairly clear, smooth, glowing skin.

I went for a trip to Mumbai in April 2012 and within the first 3 days of my 12 day trip I had a huge black thing on my right cheek, kind of close to the nose. I call it a thing for lack of a better term. It wasn't like a pimple, didn't have the white centre and not exactly a boil because it wasn't reddish. Therefore thing.
On recommendation by friends and family in that city I tried multani matti, folic acid and lots of water. It took some time, almost a month or more to go away. After loads of tumeric paste, sandalwood paste it finally did go away leaving a mark.

Little did I know that this was just the start of my sorrows.

to be continued...

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Ishtyle Awhile OOTD: What I wore to an awards function at my dad's office

I hate searching for something to wear when I have to go out. Getting ready is fun, but preparing for that is what I dread. Finding something appropriate, matching the accessories and makeup, it takes time!! Actually the decision that takes time. I wish I had a PA/ Fashion consultant to do that for me or some sort of automated way of sieving through my clothes and picking what to wear. :P


MINI HAUL: Health and Glow

I LOVE Health and Glow. They always have some deal or the other and I always end up buying more than what I want.I make it a point to go there atleast once a month, sometimes even more. They have nice deals on the



Style is what you make of it. Each of us have our own sense of style and fashion. It changes with age, it matures over time. It is our personality that is put forth as clothes we wear, makeup we apply, accessories we choose and how we portray ourselves to the world. Starting from a simple smile to neat clean nails, combed hair, it all reflects on who we are.

This now section is about fashion and styling our Indian clothes.


Here is this link to a giveaway. It ends on Oct 2nd and the prizes include some pretty Lily Cole Body Shop stuff!!

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Why I started this blog

Sometimes we are so caught in the present, we lose track of the past. But the truth, the present is a culmination of the events of yesterday.

I have put up reviews on makeup and cosmetics, and given my tips on beauty, but I actually didn't intend this blog to be about makeup only. It was supposed to be about fashion and lifestyle. A colleague of mine wears these drop dead gorgeous blouses and I wanted to start a blog with pictures of those and talk about styling for Indian clothes


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Maybelline Colour Bloom Lip Balm

I am a fan of lip balm. It is something that I use a lot. Vaseline lip balm was a standard in my bad for many years. The Himalaya. Then I alternated between Nivea and Lotus herbals. In fact I like the Lotus herbals cherry lip balm so much, I've been through about 3 or 4 tubes since I started using it. But then I decided I needed a change so I bought Maybelline Colour Bloom Lip Balm.

Biotique Bio Margosa shampoo- Day Two

So usually by the second day after washing my hair it starts to look a bit dull and I see more strands of hair in my hair brush. But it seemed kind of less today. My hair is still very manageable, soft and kind of shiny.
So I'm happy. Hoping that this shampoo maintains this. Will get back with a review in a few weeks.

miss kays



Biotique Bio Margosa shampoo- Day One after

Usually the day after washing your hair is when the shampoo shows its true colours.

My hair today was just fine. Flyaways, yes of course, but that is always there. My hair was shiny and soft, manageable.
Dandruff control, too early to talk about that.
Looks like a good shampoo.

Lets see how it sustains through tomorrow

miss kays



FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Biotique botanicals Bio Margosa shampoo

I think one of the first things I started experimenting with would be different types of shampoo. Once i was old enough to decide I didn't like a shampoo, I started trying new ones. Clinic Plus was one of the first shampoos I used. Then there was Head and Shoulders, Pantene and then I gave a break and used on shikakai for a while.

Once Fiama Di Wills launched shampoo I was using that for a very long time and finally changed to Garnier Fructis.

When I changed to Garnier, that was around the time when there was a lot of talk about shampoos that contain sulphates and silicones and how it is harmful for the hair. There is this indian blog that had listed many shampoos and conditioners that are free from sulphates and silicones.


FIRST IMPRESSION: Lakme Eyeconic kajal

Since I am starting this as a new segment I thought I would be appropriate to start with a newly launched product- The Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. (I have the mascara as well but haven't used that yet. Have other mascara to finish first)

This is very obviously Lakme's answer to the Colossal Kajal by Maybelline.

First Impressions

The first impression is the best impression, right?
Not quite always. Some times,  certain items (and certain people) just grow on you. So even if your first impression isn't the best, it can change over a period of time.
Keeping that in mind I thought I would start a segment where I talk about what a new product that I have bought and what was my expectation and what was my impression.
It isn't fair to just dump a product because you didn't like it the first time around. Maybe if you give it time or find another way to use it, maybe pair it up with another product, you will start to like it.
There will definitely be a follow up review of the products featured in this segment.

Hope you find this useful 

Do leave your comments/ thoughts on this segment and the products reviewed.


Attention Beauty Bloggers and Makeup Lovers

Here is a great giveaway to enter!! I mean look at the prizes. How can you not want to win it right!!1

Go ahead. Enter it. It's really simple

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After a while

Yes I know it's been a while since I posted anything but work and my best friend's wedding kept me busy. I got online today like after about 3 weeks so once I was done clearing out the hundreds of mails that have flooded me inbox I thought I'd just put up a small note so that people reading my blog would not think I;ve just disappeared. There are a few posts in draft mode so you most definitely have something to look forward to. A couple of reviews and my experience with doing my best friend's wedding makeup. :)

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REVIEW: Lakme Fruit Blast Facewash in Citrus Rain

I think one of the first skincare products that I kept experimenting with was facewash. I tried quite a few brands before I settled for Himalaya Neem Facewash since it was good for my combination skin.
Buying the Lakme facewash was an accident. I wanted a Ponds facewash which the store didn't have and he gave me this instead. It sounded interesting so I just bought it.


REVIEW: VEGA Buffer Brush

I never knew that foundation could be applied in more than one way until I saw a video by XTEEENER.  I love her videos. In fact she is the first makeup guru that I started following on youtube. That's when I got to know that there is a technique called stippling and a stippling brush that can be used for applying foundation. So after that every time I went out I'd keep my eyes open for a stippling brush but of course, makeup by the common woman isn't so common and hence such brushes aren't available easily. Then one day while I was surfing online on I saw it. It was there!! A VEGA professional buffer brush and at a discounted price!! Yaaay!! If you want to read about my experience with online shopping click here.



For my 26th Birthday, my best friend gave me a box with 26 gifts in which there were a whole bunch of make up items which included a diamond glitter liquid eyeliner in purple in a brand called Floramor. Now that is a brand that I have never seen in Health and Glow and so I was curios as to where she had got it from. She said- some cosmetics shop in Commercial Street


REVIEW: AVON Glimmerstick Diamond eyeliner

The only eyeliner I had ever used was Lakme liquid liner in black. I guess that is a standard that most people starting to wear makeup use. Liquid liner is one of the hardest liners to use until you develop a steady hand. The I discovered the beautiful land of coloured eyeliners but never dared to buy one until one Diwali when i saw this absolutely GORGEOUS 2 colour eye pencil from oriflami. I have already reviewed that-

Along with that I bought my first Avon product. It was a liquiglide eye liner in a plum colour. Unfortunately that got over quite soon. However if you do look in the review if the Oriflame review there is a picture of the swatch, On my hand, the last colour to the right is the Avon one.

I loved the smooth glide of that pencil that i bought 2 more of the same type- Glimmersticks from Avon.

 Avon almost always has some sort of offer.

I have 2 colours: Emerald glow and flashy copper.

I got the Emerald Glow as part of an offer which was like if you buy goods for 700rs,you get a glimmerstick free, so I bought a mascara and a lipgloss and got this colour free.And since i liked it so much, I bought the flashy copper. (I have a gold eyeliner and a silver so I wanted a copper)
It is different from the regular Glimmerstick because of the extra shimmer, the 'diamond' effect.

Price: It costs 299INR but right now they have an offer and it is selling at just 199INR. Avon always always has some offer. You just need to keep you eye out for it.

What I like about this product?

> It just glides on so easily.
> Swipe it once for a light colour and more than once for a rich dark colour.
> It stays for a good 4-5 hours.
>The glitter is just the right amount and it can be used even in the day time. Especially the flashy copper.
> It comes off easily with makeup remover.
> Dries quickly and doesn't need to be set. It doesn't smudge.
> Does not tug on the sensitive skin around your eye
> No need to sharpen.

What is not to like?
> Since you can't but it in a regular shop you can;t test the colour to see if that is the shade you want. You just order it and hope for the best!
> Sometimes the glitter doesn't come off completely.
> i don;t use it in my water line. Just below it because I feel the glitter would irritate my contact lenses.
>I've never used it as a base for eye shadow because it sets quickly and can't smoked out easily.
> If you roll out too much of the product it may break because it is very creamy.

About the shades

Emerald Glow: A rich dark green

Flashy copper: A elegant shade of brown

(in natural light. the top colour is the flashy copper and the below one is the green) 

(in flash light)

pretty na :)

Would I buy it again?

Yes! I would totally like to try out some other shades

miss kays


Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored in any way. I bought the makeup with my own money and I'm reviewing it by free will.


REVIEW: L'Oreal Paris True Match Foundation in shade W7

Foundation. It is a very essential part of make.up. The very basic. Choosing it right is not the only important thing, applying it correctly also makes so that you like you and not like a ghost.

I think it isn't hard for Indian women to guess what was the first foundation I bought. Of course, Lakme and it took me a lot of time to realise that I looked terrible with it on. I used makeup only for dance programs and well at that time anyway your face is quite literally loaded with makeup so the fact that the foundation doesn't match your skin tone didn't seem to hit. When I did realise it, is when I started wearing makeup regularly to work.(I got through college with just kajal and eyeliner). I realised that I simply had to find a foundation that matched my skin tone and that's when I stumbled upon L'Oreal True Match super blendable liquid foundation. The SA showed my shade lighter than my skin tone(like duh. they all think we wear foundation only to look fair :P) so I insisted she show me a darker shade and made her apply it on my face before I decided. Ladies please note that at a regular Health and Glow this isn't possible and they never have enough shades. I went to Oasis Mall, Koramangala, Bangalore. It has one of the biggest section of makeup brands that  I have seen in Bangalore (ok I lie a bit. I've only checked for makeup at Lifestyle, Central and H&G and compared to those this is makeup heaven)

After checking the shade and falling in love with how blendable it was I bought it and came home.

Why L'Oreal?

Well anything other than Lakme is what I wanted and this really had a tons of shades and didn't contain SPF.

Shade I'm using?

W7 Golden Amber


The original price is INR 835. But the mall had a sale so it was 15% off and I got it for INR710.

My thoughts?

After I bought it I read quite a few reviews about it that weren't good. But I liked it. Maybe I haven't tried as many foundations as other bloggers and that could be a reason. I honestly feel it is good. Especially since the last foundation I had was  Lakme one in a shade that didn't match my skin at all.

> matches my skin tone.
> has a matte finish with a dewy look
> no SPF and so it can be used for flash photography
> can be built on for coverage
> if you don't have very dark under eye circles then it covers it and you don't need a concealer. I feel it will do.
> For people who are just starting a basic makeup kit, I think this would be a good one.

What I don't like?

> I have combination skin and so I moisturise my cheeks before using the foundation. But for those with dry skin this might look flaky.
> It has a very orange undertone. I wish it was a bit lighter because sometimes it makes me look tanned.

Would I buy it again?

Yes. I think it is light enough to wear on a daily basis.
But I would also like to try other brands. So any suggestions ladies?

miss kays

(sorry about the clarity- but the cap says W7- Golden Amber)

(easy to pump out nozzle)

(the product)

(partly blended by stippling)

(completely blended)


EXPERIENCE: First Time Shopping Online-

I am one of those paranoid people when it comes to shopping online. I am very skeptical about the quality of the product that I will get (except for books, can't really go wrong there) and so I tend to never shop online. However I have been seeing a lot of reviews of various online shopping websites and suddenly 'shopping onlie, cash on delivery' is pretty much what every ad on tv is about. It's like this epidemic with and and and all the ever-so crazy advertisments all over the tv.
SO I finally decided to break out of my shell ( I started a blog on makeup and fashion!! like OMG!! I guess that was the first step) I finally looked at some websites and well caught my eye. Buying anything online is a bit of a gamble and I'm not yet ready to go ahead and experiment with concealers or foundations from websites because I would like to try those first and check the shade before I buy it.Since it was my first time I decided to play it safe and checked out makeup brushes. Not like that comes with an expiry date or a particular shade. I really wanted a stippling brush and MAC is crazy expensive for a person who isn't a professional in makeup. Atleast this is what I felt. So while looking around, the VEGA Buffer Brush caught my eye and it was on discount!! I also looked in the jewellery section (again, playing it safe) I ordered a metallic long fashion chain.

How was the ordering procedure?
very very simple. Very user-friendly. They have a cash on delivery option and you can also check whether they deliver to your area by entering the pincode

How long did it take to come?
I ordered on a saturday night and It came the following thursday. So about 4 working days, not including sunday. That is pretty fast.

I got a call on thursday checking when I would be at home for them to deliver it.

What condition did it come in?
Mint condition. The chain was beautifully placed in a small box and the brush and this box were in a larger very sturdy box. It was like my birthday came early :) :)

What about the products?

I do intend to review the brush soon. and the chain was really gorgeous and pretty much what I expected.
I also got a small sample of a handmade soap free.

Overall experience?
I liked it. The site is easy to navigate. The delivery is fast and packaging is neat. The products are good.

Would I do it again"
Like duh!! They have some nice discounts on some NYX products. In fact they have a greater discount than many other websites. You just need to keep an eye out for it.

Happy shopping!!

miss kays



REVIEW: Lakme True Wear Colour Crush in shade 03

Summer!!Blue skies is what I think of first and of course ice cream :):)
Summer means different things to different people. For me it's all about relaxing and having fun. In terms of colour, pastels is what comes to mind. My cousin gifted me Lakme True Wear Colour Crush nailpolish in Shade 03 for my birthday and it's a bright blue. I have never ever worn blue nail polish in my life. I'm a very pink, brown, maroon, basically neutral or girly colours. So this was like something totally different.
Anyway getting into the review

What it claims: Funky Vibrant Range of colours.

Cost : since I got it as a gift, I don't really know how much she paid but in I saw that it was priced at 125 INR.

The Colour: In the bottle it looks like the shade of the summer sky- wispy sky blue. All summery with a very fine glitter. It is not a matte finish.
But on the nails I wasn't too excited with it. One coat is not all enough. It barely coats the nail. 2 coats is better and the colour shows but I feel like it's not uniform.Maybe that's just the bottle I got.

Check out the swatches

There a lot more colours in this range.

Would I buy it again?? Probably. but another colour. It looks like a vibrant colour range.


Vaarm aa Cool aa??

Skin tone!! That's what I am talking about. SO So many articles on 'how to choose foundation', 'what is the right foundation for you', 'what mistakes not to make while choosing foundation'. But before you can get into choosing the perfect foundation, you need to determine 2 things- skin tone and skin type.

This post will deal with skin tone and well it's mainly aimed to help the beauty illiterate and makeup amateurs (I was there once, So I can totally correlate). I'm not claiming to be an expert now, Hell no! But i have bee reading up A LOT on various aspects of beauty/ makeup and tons of videos and of course experimenting on my own poor face.

So here are the different skin types

ink (Light) - If you are very fair, burn before you tan, and your skin has pink or porcelain under tones you should choose pink.
Yellow (Light or Medium) - If you are Caucasian and have beige or yellow undertones you should choose Yellow. Asian or Light Mixed Race also fall into Yellow. Most Caucasian women fall into Yellow so if you are unsure select Yellow, like Lauren.
Olive (Medium) - If you are Mediterranean, Latino, a Fair-skinned African American, or dark mixed-race, then you should choose Olive.
Brown (Dark) - If you are African American, deep complexioned Indian or any other dark skin color then you should choose Brown.


And how you can determine your skin tone

Question:  Is your skin tone warm or cool?  Here are three ways to find out.
1.   Gently clean the face with a Cleanser.  Pat dry with a soft towel.  Do not rub.                                                                            
      Do not moisturize or use toner at this time.   
Wait 15 minutes.  Then look into a mirror, preferably a large one, where there is direct lighting (not florescent lighting).
Hold a piece of silver foil and a piece of gold foil, both approximately 3 x 5 inches in front of  your face.  The right color metal (foil) will bring a healthy glow to your skin.  The wrong color metal will make your skin look grayish.
If gold suits your skin, your skin tone is “warm” toned.  If silver suits your skin, your skin is “cool” toned.  If you wish, you can use a silver or gold blouse or piece of cloth in lieu of the foil.

2.   Hold a piece of white paper to your face, looking into the mirror.  Your face must be clean and free of all foundation.  Follow the above cleansing procedure.
If your skin looks yellow or golden, your skin tone is “warm”.  If your skin tone looks rosy-pink or bluish-red, your skin tone is “cool”.

3.    Another great way that is used by most professional make up artists is as follows:
Look behind the ear.  Pull the ear forward until you can see the skin in the little crease that is there.  Unless a self-tanning product is used there, it always will have either a pink or yellow undertone there.  Again – if it is yellow, your skin tone is “warm”.  If it is pink, your skin tone is “cool”.  It is hard to do this little trick on yourself, but you can always ask someone to help you with it.
Note:  Genes and gender play a major role in the type and tone of skin that we have.  Other dietary, experiential, environmental and physiological factors may impact the type, as well.  The tone will remain the same, although acne or skin discoloration due to pigmentation imbalances may “disguise” the tone.

Since I have no training or experience is cosmetology I have quoted from some simple websites for reference. I cannot claim to be an expert in the information given and so I have quoted the source as well. Next we'll look at skin type.

Hope this was useful to you because I found it useful.

miss kays



Fashion and the average indian woman/ girl

What is fashion?

The dictionary definition- The prevailing mode or style, especially of dress; custom or conventional usage in respect of dress, behavior, etiquette, etc.; particularly, the mode or style usual among persons of good breeding; as, to dress, dance, sing, ride, etc., in the fashion. 

Today EVERYONE in fashion conscious and wants to wear only whatever is in trend for that season. But isn't it important to look beyond what we see on the outside. What does fashion mean to you.

To me, it merely a way of expressing who I am. I am not a leather jacket, torn jeans kind of girl. So even if that was the latest trend (which it isn't) I would not be comfortable wearing it. You must wear what you are comfortable in. It has got to suit your body type, your skin tone and of course your budget.

Fashion is about making a statement, It's about telling the world who you are.

My tips

>  have a few basic colours and pieces in your wardrobe.
Here is my list of essentials.

> be aware of the colour wheel so that you don't mix and match colours that don't make sense together
> have a statement piece in wardrobe. Something that is you. A particular necklace or a waistcoat, a bag, a chunky bracelet. It should be something that can be paired with anything to jazz up that outfit.

> always sport a smile

> last but not least, Be You, Be beautiful you :)

miss kays



REVIEW: Elle 18 lip smoothies

I know this has been around for quite a while but I kinda rediscovered it recently.

Elle 18 is one of those long forgotten brands. It's somehow never been given importance. Well not much atleast!!
I rarely seen it talked about or advertised much until the Colour bomb range. I was really skeptical when I saw the ads on tv but I bought a nail colour and loved.
However this post isn't about the nail colour, it's about the lip smoothies.

Enriched with cocoa butter it feels really smooth on the lips and keeps my lips hydrated for quite a bit. There are 6 flavours/ colours and I have 3 of them- peach afterglow,  melon flame and berry blast.

Berry blast-is quite pigmented. It's like a plum brown colour, quite a rich colour as well.

Peach afterglow- just like it;s name has very nice peachy colour. Gives a nice glossy look. Not too much shine but look pretty.

Melon flame- it's the latest one that I picked up and it's a very nice summer colour. I think it would look better paired with a lipstick but as just a lip smoothie, it adds very little colour. A nice pink colour. Sort of natural looking pink and quite a shiny colour. Sorry glossy colour. I really liked it.

All 3 smell great and being priced rs.85/- I think that is quite affordable and it lasts quite a while.

check out the swatches

(left most- Berry blast, middle- Peach afterglow, Right- melon flame)

I seriously love the packaging and I don;t leave home without one of these in my bag. It's great even in the winter.
Maybe it doens't last for hours on end but you just a need little to touch up and keep going
and most definitely something that I would buy again

miss kays