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My skin routine for the summer

Well first of all I must say I've been reading a lot of blogs on makeup and fashion these days and I realised I'm terribly infrequent in blogging and I'm anything but personal in this. I guess having a blog is like relationship, takes time to build. So baby steps first. Well getting back to topic...

It is HOT!! It's just march but my face is all sweaty and the first signs of oil in my face means I have to change my skin routine. No oil based moisturizers and yes to lots of water.
What I have realised is that my face is definitely combination skin. The T zone (my forehead and nose) get oily very quickly and my cheeks are dry. This means I can't really use anything oil based because it makes my skin more oily and as it is, I break out into pimples easily!!

So my routine for now is quite simple

Morning: Wash my face with just water.

While bathing: I use a facewash. I;'ve been doing that for quite some time now. No soap for my face. Right now I'm using Himalaya Gentle exfoliating daily facewash.
Gentle Exfoliating Daily Face Wash
sometimes I use Lactoclamaine facewash. Lacto Calamine Deep Cleansing Face Wash
I also have a medicated facewash called FASH, but we'll come to that a bit later. The facewash I use makes my skin oil free but not dry. It;s just the right balance. I also like Himalaya Purifying Neem facewash. It also leaves my face feeling clean but not dry.
Purifying Neem Face Wash
After bath: Ponds tinted moisturiser in Sheer honey or Maybelline BB cream in natural. The reason being a regular moisturizer like Clean and Clear just leaves me looking all oily within minutes. These 2 tinted moisturisers have a matte finish which is just perfect. A little bit of Lakme Perfect radiance compact in rose honey shade and I'm all set!! When i do want a bit more coverage I use L'Oreal true match liquid foundation in W7. (I really need to review it!)

When I do have to wear a bit more makeup, like for an evening out, then my blush is just a simple cream blush- Lakme Fantasy Collection Cheek Artist Shade Peach Blush. (another review that is waaaaay overdue)

After work: I always use makeup remover to remove even the tinted moisturizer and then wash with a facewash and reapply the tinted moisturizer.

Before bed: I use FASH (I was prescribed for me by my dermatologist). Then I apply L'Oreal Hydrafresh. I It is a day cream but I use it at night because I need a water based cream to keep my skin hydrated and thanks to this cream I do not have to be greeted by an extra oily forehead every morning.

Occasionally I use rose water after cleansing. It is very refreshing, especially in this hot weather.

Face packs- mine usually consists of a homemade one- curd with besan flour. it dries my skin a bit so I don;t use it very often. Only on days when I've been out in the sun for a couple of hours and I'm starting to look tanned.

Of course I have a sunscreen on for this weather. I;m using one prescribed by the dermatologist- Sunstop.
Nivea body lotion for my arms and legs.
and oh oh! A body wash once a week. Currently I'm using Fiama Di Wills shower gel in peach

Pretty simple skin care I guess. I hope.

miss kays


Makeup review: Maybelline Gel Eyeliner

well it's been a while since I posted anything because, well, I kind of forgot the user id!! Never mind. Now I am back....
My first eyeliner was liquid and of course like every Indian girl I was introduced to Lakme liquid eyeliner. And then I tried some sad eye pencils. Then there was Maybelline Kolossal Kajal, for which a review is still due.
Today I tried the gel eyeliner from Maybelline. It was on a reduced price at Health and Glow so I just randomly picked it up one day a couple of months ago and finally used it only today. and I LOVE IT!! I really just fell in love with it.

It is so creamy and smooth, it just glides over the eyelid.
It lasts long, really long (ding dong)
It is a bright black and not glossy. So perfect for everyday use.
It comes with an applicator so you can apply it as thick or as thin as you want.
Doesn't smudge easily.

It isn't for beginners because if it smudges it has to be removed only with makeup remover.

I would so buy it again and again and again.

Do try it.

miss kays