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REVIEW: Elle 18 lip smoothies

I know this has been around for quite a while but I kinda rediscovered it recently.

Elle 18 is one of those long forgotten brands. It's somehow never been given importance. Well not much atleast!!
I rarely seen it talked about or advertised much until the Colour bomb range. I was really skeptical when I saw the ads on tv but I bought a nail colour and loved.
However this post isn't about the nail colour, it's about the lip smoothies.

Enriched with cocoa butter it feels really smooth on the lips and keeps my lips hydrated for quite a bit. There are 6 flavours/ colours and I have 3 of them- peach afterglow,  melon flame and berry blast.

Berry blast-is quite pigmented. It's like a plum brown colour, quite a rich colour as well.

Peach afterglow- just like it;s name has very nice peachy colour. Gives a nice glossy look. Not too much shine but look pretty.

Melon flame- it's the latest one that I picked up and it's a very nice summer colour. I think it would look better paired with a lipstick but as just a lip smoothie, it adds very little colour. A nice pink colour. Sort of natural looking pink and quite a shiny colour. Sorry glossy colour. I really liked it.

All 3 smell great and being priced rs.85/- I think that is quite affordable and it lasts quite a while.

check out the swatches

(left most- Berry blast, middle- Peach afterglow, Right- melon flame)

I seriously love the packaging and I don;t leave home without one of these in my bag. It's great even in the winter.
Maybe it doens't last for hours on end but you just a need little to touch up and keep going
and most definitely something that I would buy again

miss kays



  1. Nice review....will try these out...
    Wud love it if u dropped by sometime...