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EXPERIENCE: First Time Shopping Online-

I am one of those paranoid people when it comes to shopping online. I am very skeptical about the quality of the product that I will get (except for books, can't really go wrong there) and so I tend to never shop online. However I have been seeing a lot of reviews of various online shopping websites and suddenly 'shopping onlie, cash on delivery' is pretty much what every ad on tv is about. It's like this epidemic with and and and all the ever-so crazy advertisments all over the tv.
SO I finally decided to break out of my shell ( I started a blog on makeup and fashion!! like OMG!! I guess that was the first step) I finally looked at some websites and well caught my eye. Buying anything online is a bit of a gamble and I'm not yet ready to go ahead and experiment with concealers or foundations from websites because I would like to try those first and check the shade before I buy it.Since it was my first time I decided to play it safe and checked out makeup brushes. Not like that comes with an expiry date or a particular shade. I really wanted a stippling brush and MAC is crazy expensive for a person who isn't a professional in makeup. Atleast this is what I felt. So while looking around, the VEGA Buffer Brush caught my eye and it was on discount!! I also looked in the jewellery section (again, playing it safe) I ordered a metallic long fashion chain.

How was the ordering procedure?
very very simple. Very user-friendly. They have a cash on delivery option and you can also check whether they deliver to your area by entering the pincode

How long did it take to come?
I ordered on a saturday night and It came the following thursday. So about 4 working days, not including sunday. That is pretty fast.

I got a call on thursday checking when I would be at home for them to deliver it.

What condition did it come in?
Mint condition. The chain was beautifully placed in a small box and the brush and this box were in a larger very sturdy box. It was like my birthday came early :) :)

What about the products?

I do intend to review the brush soon. and the chain was really gorgeous and pretty much what I expected.
I also got a small sample of a handmade soap free.

Overall experience?
I liked it. The site is easy to navigate. The delivery is fast and packaging is neat. The products are good.

Would I do it again"
Like duh!! They have some nice discounts on some NYX products. In fact they have a greater discount than many other websites. You just need to keep an eye out for it.

Happy shopping!!

miss kays