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Fashion and the average indian woman/ girl

What is fashion?

The dictionary definition- The prevailing mode or style, especially of dress; custom or conventional usage in respect of dress, behavior, etiquette, etc.; particularly, the mode or style usual among persons of good breeding; as, to dress, dance, sing, ride, etc., in the fashion. 

Today EVERYONE in fashion conscious and wants to wear only whatever is in trend for that season. But isn't it important to look beyond what we see on the outside. What does fashion mean to you.

To me, it merely a way of expressing who I am. I am not a leather jacket, torn jeans kind of girl. So even if that was the latest trend (which it isn't) I would not be comfortable wearing it. You must wear what you are comfortable in. It has got to suit your body type, your skin tone and of course your budget.

Fashion is about making a statement, It's about telling the world who you are.

My tips

>  have a few basic colours and pieces in your wardrobe.
Here is my list of essentials.

> be aware of the colour wheel so that you don't mix and match colours that don't make sense together
> have a statement piece in wardrobe. Something that is you. A particular necklace or a waistcoat, a bag, a chunky bracelet. It should be something that can be paired with anything to jazz up that outfit.

> always sport a smile

> last but not least, Be You, Be beautiful you :)

miss kays