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Makeup Haul!!

Ok there is nothing lik retail therapy. I mean seriously sometimes it just feels SO good to go out there and shop!!
Today I walked in Forum to but cookies from CookieMan(you really gotta love those chocochip cookies) and well I've been reading a lot about FACES cosmetics. So many reviews on their eyeliner pencils especially the one in a shade of blue. So seeing the FACES counter I went over to see what the whole hype about the pencil was. I tried a few shades and well I must say the blue was a rich pigmented blue. Such a creamy pencil and beautiful. I would have paid and walked away, and if I had done that, well this post would have been a review on that eye pencil. However My eye caught this beautiful box with a set of 5 eyeshadows, 2 pencil liners, a mascara, 2 brushes, an eye primer and a black cream shadow. I just stopped. The shadow colours were beautiful and perfect for creating an smoky look. I checked with the SA and the box that usually cost 999INR was only 699 INR . 30% off. I just had to have it. so I ditched the eye pencil (I can always go back another time) and picked up this box instead and spent enough time admiring it. Ok enough talking. I'll put up pics for now. and once I've used it I will most definitely review it.

Well the FACES eye makeup set wasn;t the only thing, after the name of this post is a 'haul'. I also picked up the latest, the trendy, the gorgeous, ever-in-style *drum roll please* gel liner by maybelline. The black one (the one I had got lost :( )and the the new Swirl.
For this I must really thank tanveer of addicted to blush-
I got to know of this product beacuse of her blog. and Health and glow almost always has an offer on any new product especially Maybelline. So I got bot the gel liners with 70INR off. Review of that is also coming up.

I really am in heaven <sigh>

miss kays