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REVIEW: Lakme True Wear Colour Crush in shade 03

Summer!!Blue skies is what I think of first and of course ice cream :):)
Summer means different things to different people. For me it's all about relaxing and having fun. In terms of colour, pastels is what comes to mind. My cousin gifted me Lakme True Wear Colour Crush nailpolish in Shade 03 for my birthday and it's a bright blue. I have never ever worn blue nail polish in my life. I'm a very pink, brown, maroon, basically neutral or girly colours. So this was like something totally different.
Anyway getting into the review

What it claims: Funky Vibrant Range of colours.

Cost : since I got it as a gift, I don't really know how much she paid but in I saw that it was priced at 125 INR.

The Colour: In the bottle it looks like the shade of the summer sky- wispy sky blue. All summery with a very fine glitter. It is not a matte finish.
But on the nails I wasn't too excited with it. One coat is not all enough. It barely coats the nail. 2 coats is better and the colour shows but I feel like it's not uniform.Maybe that's just the bottle I got.

Check out the swatches

There a lot more colours in this range.

Would I buy it again?? Probably. but another colour. It looks like a vibrant colour range.