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REVIEW: AVON Glimmerstick Diamond eyeliner

The only eyeliner I had ever used was Lakme liquid liner in black. I guess that is a standard that most people starting to wear makeup use. Liquid liner is one of the hardest liners to use until you develop a steady hand. The I discovered the beautiful land of coloured eyeliners but never dared to buy one until one Diwali when i saw this absolutely GORGEOUS 2 colour eye pencil from oriflami. I have already reviewed that-

Along with that I bought my first Avon product. It was a liquiglide eye liner in a plum colour. Unfortunately that got over quite soon. However if you do look in the review if the Oriflame review there is a picture of the swatch, On my hand, the last colour to the right is the Avon one.

I loved the smooth glide of that pencil that i bought 2 more of the same type- Glimmersticks from Avon.

 Avon almost always has some sort of offer.

I have 2 colours: Emerald glow and flashy copper.

I got the Emerald Glow as part of an offer which was like if you buy goods for 700rs,you get a glimmerstick free, so I bought a mascara and a lipgloss and got this colour free.And since i liked it so much, I bought the flashy copper. (I have a gold eyeliner and a silver so I wanted a copper)
It is different from the regular Glimmerstick because of the extra shimmer, the 'diamond' effect.

Price: It costs 299INR but right now they have an offer and it is selling at just 199INR. Avon always always has some offer. You just need to keep you eye out for it.

What I like about this product?

> It just glides on so easily.
> Swipe it once for a light colour and more than once for a rich dark colour.
> It stays for a good 4-5 hours.
>The glitter is just the right amount and it can be used even in the day time. Especially the flashy copper.
> It comes off easily with makeup remover.
> Dries quickly and doesn't need to be set. It doesn't smudge.
> Does not tug on the sensitive skin around your eye
> No need to sharpen.

What is not to like?
> Since you can't but it in a regular shop you can;t test the colour to see if that is the shade you want. You just order it and hope for the best!
> Sometimes the glitter doesn't come off completely.
> i don;t use it in my water line. Just below it because I feel the glitter would irritate my contact lenses.
>I've never used it as a base for eye shadow because it sets quickly and can't smoked out easily.
> If you roll out too much of the product it may break because it is very creamy.

About the shades

Emerald Glow: A rich dark green

Flashy copper: A elegant shade of brown

(in natural light. the top colour is the flashy copper and the below one is the green) 

(in flash light)

pretty na :)

Would I buy it again?

Yes! I would totally like to try out some other shades

miss kays


Disclaimer: This review is not sponsored in any way. I bought the makeup with my own money and I'm reviewing it by free will.