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For my 26th Birthday, my best friend gave me a box with 26 gifts in which there were a whole bunch of make up items which included a diamond glitter liquid eyeliner in purple in a brand called Floramor. Now that is a brand that I have never seen in Health and Glow and so I was curios as to where she had got it from. She said- some cosmetics shop in Commercial Street
, it's down in a basement. So the next time I passed through Comm Street, (literally passed through because I was in a hurry) I noticed this shop called as New U, and that 30 seconds that I passed by it I could see there were so many brands inside- Colorbar, Lakme, Deborah, Maybelline, Revlon, L'Oreal and well few others. So i decided I needed to check it out.

A few weeks later I went the Gopalan Signature Mall on Old Madras Road and my eye caught New U on a corner of the 1st floor. I wasn't sure if it was part of the same franchise but I decided to check it out anyways. It's a cosmetic store after all!!

It was so refreshing. That was my first thought. I am SO bored of Health and Glow. (Though I must mention that the Health and Glow in this mall has a Colorbar counter. That's something I've not seen in many Health and Glow stores). Anyway getting back to New U, it has one wall dedicated to makeup brushes and clips etc. There is a brand besides Vega there (I'm so relieved). So I took my time to check out every single brush. I am so eyeing on the nice retractable blush brush that as there. It is a brand called QVS. I did pick up cleaning sponges and hair pins and a claw grips.

I also splurged on a powder compact and concealer from Deborah and got an eye shadow free!! yaay!

Also since the overall bill was more than 1500INR, I got a water bottle free.

They also have accessiories such as earrings, bracelets (and such pretty ones)

reviews coming up on the products :)

New U, is most definitely refreshingly new. That is my verdict.

All I wish is some store would get kabukis and stippling brushes.

miss kays