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REVIEW: VEGA Buffer Brush

I never knew that foundation could be applied in more than one way until I saw a video by XTEEENER.  I love her videos. In fact she is the first makeup guru that I started following on youtube. That's when I got to know that there is a technique called stippling and a stippling brush that can be used for applying foundation. So after that every time I went out I'd keep my eyes open for a stippling brush but of course, makeup by the common woman isn't so common and hence such brushes aren't available easily. Then one day while I was surfing online on I saw it. It was there!! A VEGA professional buffer brush and at a discounted price!! Yaaay!! If you want to read about my experience with online shopping click here.

Getting back to the brush, it is a thin long brush with flat top. The bristles are white at the end and black towards the inside. It is not very wide in terms of diameter.

What I think of it:

Well I was a bit upset because I did want one with a larger diameter. It would have been more convenient and faster to apply the foundation.
The second problem is it literally sheds so many bristles and yes I am very upset about that.  I don't know whether the quality of VEGA is bad because the angular brushes. the eyeshadow brushes and the blush brushes I have are of really good quality. They don't shed any bristles at all. 
So I think it maybe a problem of UrbanTouch for sending a a product which is not upto the mark in terms of quality. 
I think next time I will order from the VEGA website and see if what they send is of better quality.

In terms of blending, it does a good job. The foundation application is smooth and not cakey. The only problem I have is that if you stipple, it tends to poke a bit. As if there are some hard bristles nestled among the soft ones. Hence I prefer to use circular motion to blend the foundation out. 

The method I use to apply foundation:

I first dot the foundation onto my face and then use the brush in circular motion to blend it out. It gives a clean neat polished look. 

Price: I paid 383INR when i bought it from UrbanTouch. I think the original price is 400INR.

Would I buy it again?
Yes. But not from UrbanTouch

it's brown because I tried it with foundation :)

miss kays :)


  1. Woohooo what a timing I was actually looking forward for a good buffing brush in budget. Will try it :)

    1. They have one that is bigger and will cover the face more easily. That costs a bit more.