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FIRST IMPRESSION: Lakme Eyeconic kajal

Since I am starting this as a new segment I thought I would be appropriate to start with a newly launched product- The Lakme Eyeconic Kajal. (I have the mascara as well but haven't used that yet. Have other mascara to finish first)

This is very obviously Lakme's answer to the Colossal Kajal by Maybelline.

The packaging is very similar, a small thin pencil type kajal stick. Black with just a band of blue. It is as cute as the Colossal kajal and this too winds up.

Priced at  just 199INR, it really isn't expensive.

It is waterproof and pretty much smudge proof. I have had a bit of trouble getting it off my lashline and water line without a makeup remover. It does come off with coconut oil with still needs soap and water to remove the smudge marks.

It isn't as black as the Colossal kajal. Atleast that is what I felt. And since I as so used to the Colossal kajal, i still reach out for that first.

Doesn't smoke out easily.

So far no irritation when i use it on my waterline. I wear contact lenses so it is safe for lens users as well. unless you have really sensitive eyes.

This is my first impression on the Lakme Eyeconic kajal.

I know I know kind of long review!!

Hope you enjoyed it

miss kays