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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Biotique botanicals Bio Margosa shampoo

I think one of the first things I started experimenting with would be different types of shampoo. Once i was old enough to decide I didn't like a shampoo, I started trying new ones. Clinic Plus was one of the first shampoos I used. Then there was Head and Shoulders, Pantene and then I gave a break and used on shikakai for a while.

Once Fiama Di Wills launched shampoo I was using that for a very long time and finally changed to Garnier Fructis.

When I changed to Garnier, that was around the time when there was a lot of talk about shampoos that contain sulphates and silicones and how it is harmful for the hair. There is this indian blog that had listed many shampoos and conditioners that are free from sulphates and silicones.

here is a link to the blog that I read-

So after reading all that I realised that the Garnier, that kind of seemed to be working well for my hair had silicones, so i decided to look for another shampoo.
Now it is really hard to find an inexpensive shampoo that is free of these ingredients but I saw that Biotique seemed reasonably priced and also free from damaging ingredients.

So today I washed my hair with Biotique botanicals Bio Margosa Fresh Daily Dandruff expertise shampoo and conditioner (That is a mouth full, isn't it!!)
I wanted a dandruff control one, so I picked this up.

Priced at 99 INR it is quite reasonable but I am a bit skeptical about how it might work, I've decided to keep a track of my observations for the next few days (speaking like a true student of science). So hopefully there will be continuous posts.

First of all my hair type:
I have medium length dark brown hair. Wavy and curly at the ends. Dense. I never use products to increase body or volume because I have enough and more of that. Somewhat frizzy and a bit dry.

Prewash routine:
I always always oil my hair before I wash it. Today I used a combination of honey and coconut oil (honey is supposed to help in increasing moisture retention)

Post wash routine:
Well I air dry my hair and I do use my hair dryer to do that on a cool setting.

Well my hair looks natural- its usual waviness and density. Feels soft and manageable. A bit frizzy. Shiny. and there is slight dryness at the ends. And it smells nice :)

I haven't used any other products on my hair. No leave-in conditioner, no serum.

So this is the update for today. Will definitely get back tomorrow with a day after washing update.

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