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Blouse Designs: What I am going to wear to my friend's wedding reception.

I know people usually post about what they wore so for a change I thought I'd post about what I intend to wear for my friend's wedding which is the coming weekend. The concentration here is on the blouse and sari.

I believe blouses can add all the jazz you want to a sari.. So I take a bit of time to find the right extras to add on to it.

The Sari:

Bought at PSR Silks, Coimbatore.

Price: 700INR
The pallu



So remember I mentioned how I could not wear makeup to the function in my dad's office, that is because I have a severe case of acne. Atleast I think it is Acne! It is this huge 'thing' on my right cheek, painful, ugly and more painful. After trying all sorts of home remedies I finally went to the dermatologists. (it is in plural because I went to more than one). I don't usually blog about this kind of stuff but I thought there have got to be others out there who are going through the same (hopefully not worse). So this post is merely to tell you what all I have tried, what I am doing right now and hopefully keep you updated on improvements.
This is not to tell anyone what not to do, and certainly I am not recommending the treatment that I am undergoing. I am just sharing my experience.
Merely a form of documentation.

There will be pictures put up and trust me when I say the pictures are not for the weak hearted.

This post is definitely going to be long and so I will put up as two parts.

Like any normal teenager I went thru my share of pimples all the way till college. It was the usual small ones, occasionally too much of spice would make a big one burst but nothing that would not go away in a  few days and almost never left any marks on my face. I had fairly clear, smooth, glowing skin.

I went for a trip to Mumbai in April 2012 and within the first 3 days of my 12 day trip I had a huge black thing on my right cheek, kind of close to the nose. I call it a thing for lack of a better term. It wasn't like a pimple, didn't have the white centre and not exactly a boil because it wasn't reddish. Therefore thing.
On recommendation by friends and family in that city I tried multani matti, folic acid and lots of water. It took some time, almost a month or more to go away. After loads of tumeric paste, sandalwood paste it finally did go away leaving a mark.

Little did I know that this was just the start of my sorrows.

to be continued...

miss kays



Ishtyle Awhile OOTD: What I wore to an awards function at my dad's office

I hate searching for something to wear when I have to go out. Getting ready is fun, but preparing for that is what I dread. Finding something appropriate, matching the accessories and makeup, it takes time!! Actually the decision that takes time. I wish I had a PA/ Fashion consultant to do that for me or some sort of automated way of sieving through my clothes and picking what to wear. :P


MINI HAUL: Health and Glow

I LOVE Health and Glow. They always have some deal or the other and I always end up buying more than what I want.I make it a point to go there atleast once a month, sometimes even more. They have nice deals on the



Style is what you make of it. Each of us have our own sense of style and fashion. It changes with age, it matures over time. It is our personality that is put forth as clothes we wear, makeup we apply, accessories we choose and how we portray ourselves to the world. Starting from a simple smile to neat clean nails, combed hair, it all reflects on who we are.

This now section is about fashion and styling our Indian clothes.