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Blouse Designs: What I am going to wear to my friend's wedding reception.

I know people usually post about what they wore so for a change I thought I'd post about what I intend to wear for my friend's wedding which is the coming weekend. The concentration here is on the blouse and sari.

I believe blouses can add all the jazz you want to a sari.. So I take a bit of time to find the right extras to add on to it.

The Sari:

Bought at PSR Silks, Coimbatore.

Price: 700INR
The pallu

the pallu

Material: Some type of silk

Falls cost: 20 INR. I stitched it myself.

Pico cost: 10 INR.
the body

The Blouse: 

The material: came attached with the blouse.

Extras I bought: The pink piping, the pink beads at the end.

        Piping- 20 INR per metre. I bought 2 metres.
        Pink beads- 5 INR per bead. I bought 6.

Stitching cost: 250 with lining.

Total cost to get the blouse done- 250+ 40+ 60= 350. 

I think that it is pretty cost effective. The blouse looks like a designer blouse and I'm really excited to wear it!!

So.. What do you think?

miss kays