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So remember I mentioned how I could not wear makeup to the function in my dad's office, that is because I have a severe case of acne. Atleast I think it is Acne! It is this huge 'thing' on my right cheek, painful, ugly and more painful. After trying all sorts of home remedies I finally went to the dermatologists. (it is in plural because I went to more than one). I don't usually blog about this kind of stuff but I thought there have got to be others out there who are going through the same (hopefully not worse). So this post is merely to tell you what all I have tried, what I am doing right now and hopefully keep you updated on improvements.
This is not to tell anyone what not to do, and certainly I am not recommending the treatment that I am undergoing. I am just sharing my experience.
Merely a form of documentation.

There will be pictures put up and trust me when I say the pictures are not for the weak hearted.

This post is definitely going to be long and so I will put up as two parts.

Like any normal teenager I went thru my share of pimples all the way till college. It was the usual small ones, occasionally too much of spice would make a big one burst but nothing that would not go away in a  few days and almost never left any marks on my face. I had fairly clear, smooth, glowing skin.

I went for a trip to Mumbai in April 2012 and within the first 3 days of my 12 day trip I had a huge black thing on my right cheek, kind of close to the nose. I call it a thing for lack of a better term. It wasn't like a pimple, didn't have the white centre and not exactly a boil because it wasn't reddish. Therefore thing.
On recommendation by friends and family in that city I tried multani matti, folic acid and lots of water. It took some time, almost a month or more to go away. After loads of tumeric paste, sandalwood paste it finally did go away leaving a mark.

Little did I know that this was just the start of my sorrows.

to be continued...

miss kays