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Style is what you make of it. Each of us have our own sense of style and fashion. It changes with age, it matures over time. It is our personality that is put forth as clothes we wear, makeup we apply, accessories we choose and how we portray ourselves to the world. Starting from a simple smile to neat clean nails, combed hair, it all reflects on who we are.

This now section is about fashion and styling our Indian clothes.

Why did I start this section?

I am a teacher and I have to wear a sari everyday to work and when I started stitching blouses for the saris and looking for different ways to accessorize I realised there is hardly anything online regarding this. The sari is the most gorgeous sensual clothing item in the Indian Wardrobe. Wear it right and you are the BOMB. Wear it wrong and people will wonder where you came from.

There are so many accessories on the shelves these days and mostly it is thought that only traditional chains and earrings will go well with the sari. In fast that is what I thought too for a very long time. Till I started working...

I have a colleague who is the most stylish person I have met. The way she accessories for her saris, the slippers, the blouses, it is all well coordinated. You can never catch her having on off day! She is my inspiration for starting this blog. Her blouse designs and accessories is what you are going to be seeing a lot of on this blog and hopefully admiring.

So here's to all the Indian Women who love the sari. (I sure do). This section is for you, so you can look sexy or elegant as the situation demands. This section is to remind you that THE SARI is anything but boring. Cheers.

miss kays