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Attempt at an EOTD

I do wear a lot of eye makeup but I never post it up. So as a first attempt there are a few issues like the angle in which the pics are taken, and my eyebrows aren't filled in and the highlight colour isn't bright enough So forgive me for that.!!
But well I hope you will still like it. 


JEWELLERY HAUL: Diwali Special

I live in an apartments which houses around 70 other families. It isn't one of those really large apartments and so the community is quite a close-knit one. Many of the festivals are celebrated as a community here and sometimes reasons are created to have a pot-luck type of get together.


My Skin and its issues

I had done a post some time ago about how I was having terrible acne. In the previous post I told you how it started. Here I will tell you the various treatments I tried for it.


Mic testing 1..2..3..

Ok I;m just experimenting with some different looks for the blog. Been away for a while and well I've had to take a break from blogging because I had to go out of town and it's been crazy hectic at work. so yes I will be back with more posts. Till then its just some playing around. Bear with me

miss kays