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Attempt at an EOTD

I do wear a lot of eye makeup but I never post it up. So as a first attempt there are a few issues like the angle in which the pics are taken, and my eyebrows aren't filled in and the highlight colour isn't bright enough So forgive me for that.!!
But well I hope you will still like it. 

The colours are from a Faces Trio Eyeshadow and the mascara is also from Faces only the eyeliner is Lakme Instaliner.

The sari I wore to work was brown with orange flowers. Since it had a lot of brown, I kept the brown colour on my eyes to just the outer V.

I can't wear any other makeup on my face so it's only eye shadows and eyeliner for now. And with some mascara. 

Well hope you liked it. I will do more, that way I will get better at taking pics as well. Hopefully.

miss kays