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JEWELLERY HAUL: Diwali Special

I live in an apartments which houses around 70 other families. It isn't one of those really large apartments and so the community is quite a close-knit one. Many of the festivals are celebrated as a community here and sometimes reasons are created to have a pot-luck type of get together.

Diwali is one occasion where they have stalls and a mela type of celebration. There are people within the flats who display their creative talents in the form of home baked cookies and cakes, embroidered saris, there are people from outside who bring in saris and bags from their boutiques, jewellery stalls, and one year there was even make up. A lady selling Avon and Oriflame products was there.

All in all it is quite a fun filled evening with tons to eat, and loads more to buy right at your doorstep!

This year, since I can't buy makeup, I decided jewellery was the only thing I could buy. I just bought some bags, so that was off the list and selecting saris in some dim light corridor, well I'm too sure about the quality and stuff. Can't shop alone for saris.

And so I bought a load of jewellery!!

Here are the pieces I bought.

The necklace was 150INR and the earrings was 20 INR.
 I think this would look great even with western clothes.

The set was 150INR.
The pendant is one amazing piece

The above pieces are handmade by a friend of mine- 20INR

This is from a boutique that had put up a stall. It is located in Tippasandra, Bangalore

Made of paper. I loved the colour!!! 60INR

Pink and green is a very bright combination. 110 INR

Made of beads- 95INR

This is made of paper rolled up and a 10 yr old kid in made it!!! Amazing right!! 20INR

So that is quite a jewellery haul isn't it :D

miss kays