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My Skin and its issues

I had done a post some time ago about how I was having terrible acne. In the previous post I told you how it started. Here I will tell you the various treatments I tried for it.

Ayurveda- Amla Ras (goosebery extract) and a blood purifying tablet for about a year, Also a powder that was used as a face pack and also as a hair pack as I had developed a scalp infection.
Then aloe vera extract and the tablet.

Next a dermatologist who put me on some antibiotics and recommended I use Fash facewash. Well that face wash seems to be working for my combination skin.He also gave a gel to use when a pimple does arise.

Then for a coupla months, over the summer of 2012 I did nothing. Just face wash, lots of water to drink and that's it. And my face started to clear up!!

I go back to work in June'12 and by the end of the month my pimple have started again. SO that's when I figured it might be the chalk (I work as a teacher)

Sept'12 I try all sorts home remedies from nutmeg powder to toothpaste to random stuff that people recommend. 

Finally in oct '12 I go to another dermatologist who wanted to put me on a high dosage medicine and laser treatment after making me do tests for almost every hormone that is secreted in my body. I wasn't ready for that and I went in for a second opinion and that's the treatment I am now following for the past month. 
I am on a strict diet. No fried foods, no sweets (terribly hard to restrain from that during diwali time!!) and no pickles. I've reduced eating out and increased water intake to about 3.5l  (supposed to be 4, but by the end of the day it is only 3 to 3.5)
Also been on a bunch of tablets- antacids, anti fungal stuff and some anti bacterial stuff..
 Using a medicated shampoo- Sebowash.
And i have been told to stay away from any skin care/ cosmetics containing glycerin.

There are 2 pics that shows my face a month ago and now, a month later, with treatment.

one month ago

I really hope you can see some sort of difference in the pictures. Well I know that has been a lot of improvement.It is less painful and like a friend of mine said 'the pimple is starting to look like a normal pimple now'

So I will update in a coupla weeks. Hopefully it should be in a better condition by then.

miss kays :)