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Because I am on holiday

Not having to get up and rush to work is a beautiful feeling when you haven't had a break in over 2-3 weeks!! To just be able to snuggle down further into your blanket when the alarm rings is a luxury I can now afford. Atleast for another 15 days :)

Ok so I did have tuition in the morning, but that is bearable. It is any day better than getting up in the cold at 6am and shivering through the shower, shivering through tying a sari and then riding through the Inner Ring Road cursing the temperature the whole time.

SO what did I do so far on the 1st day of well earner holiday? Got online to check out the latest deals on MedPlusBeautycom.
Why? My sister needed shampoo and I have this problem, when I walk into Health and Glow to buy one thing I come out with a whole bunch of things! Many of the things being things I don't need!

So I was online checking my mail and then noticed a MedPlusBeauty ad and thought to myself "I haven't checked out anything online in a while". So I got onto the website and went straight to check out the latest/best offers. And what do you know, they had an offer on Tresseme shampoo and conditioner. Buy one and Get the other one FREE!!

Click Here to go to the link.

Then of course since I needed mascara so I also ordered for the Eyeconic Mascara (Loving it!) But still the bill didn't hit 400 which is what I need for free shipping (If I can get one more product in the 50Rs shipping charge, then why not!). So now I have ordered a bunch of stuff and I am waiting for it to get delivered. There is a certain joy in receiving a package. Yaay me!!
And thus began the first day of my holidays :)

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