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Of Carnivals and Colds

I was so proud of myself for having been on a roll and updating the blog regularly. Then again, pride comes before a fall right, and I fell sick :P I was full on inspired to do a post the night before my birthday but between correcting papers and setting papers and getting wet in the rain searching for the perfect accessories for my birthday, I never got around to doing that. Then my birthday came and my birthday went and like every birthday of mine, it was more than just a one day celebration.
After the galata of my birthday came the Carnival at school. That was a 2 day festival and crazy hectic. I was a cowboy themed mela and it was one hell of a mela!!! I had a brilliant time!!

And just when we thought everything was done, came the picnic to  resort, a 2 and half hour trek and games left us all tired.

Finally after all that got over it was back to paper correction (it never ends!!) and back to class teacher mode with report cards to fill.
All this left me completely sick. Cold, cough, chest congestion, sore throat, blocked nose. yes sick!!

Now comes the last day of school after which I will have more time since I will be on holiday!! Yaay me! The best part of my job are the holidays, yes I know I am supposed to say the best part is the satisfaction I get from teaching blah blah etc etc, but come on everyone knows it actually the holidays. I am also much much better and so will be able to post more regularly.

So my dear readers, the posts that are most definitely coming up include what I wore for my birthday, My favourite products of the year and a few more reviews on some products.

Cheers to good health and more posts!!
miss kays



  1. Hi.. Really liked you blog.. Simplicity at its best.:) well done. I jus had this query dat can I write articles of products review for ur blog?

    1. Hey Tejashree.. Thank you so much :)
      Send me an email at and we'll talk writing for the blog. Alright? Hoping to hear from you soon.