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ORGANIZATION: How to arrange your scarves.

Living in Bangalore, the weather is never so cold that we need really thick bulky scarves. Scarves are more of an accessory. Atleast for me. I don't own a lot but I do own different texures.

Arranging scarves be tricky. If I don't see it, I don't use it . I'm guessing that is the case with most people- out of sight, out of mind! But hanging them on hangers can be a pain, as it can occupy a lot of space and be bulky. Also when they are hanging one top of another, there are chances that you will miss seeing something.

So this is how I hang them. I have this hanger with holes and I have a scarf hanging from each one. I can see all of them and it does not occupy too much space as I can hang it behind the door of my wardrobe.

The hanger is from Lifestyle and I think it was around 110INR or something. I got it on sale and along with a whole bunch of other hangers so I don't remember the cost exactly.

So how do you store your scarves?

miss kays