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REVIEW: Fash Facewash

Facewash. If you walk into Health and Glow, you can see rows and rows of different facewashes. For oily skin, for dry skin, to make you whiter, to reduce marks, to prevent pimples. There are so so many different types. But the facewash I am going to talk about today is something that is found in medical stores as it is medicated
. One of the first dermatologists I went to recommended this for my oily skin and I have been using this for over a year now and have been through several tubes of this and though I still have skin problems that is because of a totally different bunch of reasons.

So what do I like about this facewash?

Well it smells a bit like a men's cologne, but that's okay. It isn't strong and overwhelming.
It's blue in colour and I love blue!!! I mean the facewash and not just the packaging.
It lathers just the right amount and leaves me feeling fresh when it's washed off. And my skin, matte finish. It can be a bit drying in the winter, but nothing that a little moisturiser can't fix.

What I don't like about it?

The cap can be a bit of a pain. And for some the odour could be slightly not to their taste.

Would I recommend it? 

Well I am no doctor, but I think oil skinned beauties would benefit by using this.

its almost over. i gotta buy a new one.

miss kays


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