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REVIEW: Maybelline COLORsensational Lipstick In Bronze Orange

Lipsticks. Somehow the minute you say the word makeup, lipstick is the first image associated with it. I was never a big lipstick person until now. Why? Because wearing lipstick shows people that I am definitely wearing lipstick and I always thought that it would make them look at me weirdly (not that I'm not looked at as a strange person now, I am but that's for different reasons.)

Anyway, those who read my blog regularly (I'm hoping there are some out there who do read my blog!!) will know that I have major acne issues and can't wear anything but on my eyes and lips.
Hence the new fancy is to buy lipsticks. Actually it was lipbalms and I have a number of those waiting to be reviewed but I chose to review this first, simple because it is the first lipstick that I bought. Not gifted, not handed down by my mom but I went and tried it, tested it and bought it.

Maybelline Coloursensational Lipstick in Bronze Orange. 

About a month ago I went on a mini makeup spree at Health and Glow. I did a haul post and now I'm finally putting up the review of the lipstick I bought.

The Colour- Peach  with pink undertones

The Finish- Creamy Satin

The Staying Power- 3 to 4 hours. Starts to fade and eventually there is no trace on your lips.

The Moisturising Power- Tons and more. In this dry winter season I need lipbalm under it but I don't I would need that in the summer seaon.

The Packaging- The colour of the package matches the name of the lipstick- Bronze Orange. Really isn't too hard to find in my collection of lipsticks (well I don't have that many as well :P)

The Price -250INR

My take on it- I really like it. A nice neutral shade that I wear to work everyday.For parties I glam it up by adding a gloss on top. For work, I go a slightly smoky look and pair it with this lipstick.

Will I buy again??
First I wanna finish this, that maybe I will.

That's my take on this product.

miss kays


Disclamier: This review is what I felt about the product and it is only my views and opinions about this.