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REVIEW: Maybelline Lip Smooth Colour and Care in Mandarin.

Lip balms have become a staple item in my bag. When I started medication for my acne I could not use any makeup (I still can't:P) and it really depressed me so I went on this spree of shopping for Lip Balms. This one that I am reviewing today is a lip balm that I have fallen IN LOVE with. I use it every day and I am looking to get another one soon (I've almost used it up).

I use this under lipsticks, as just a tinted lip balm, and as lip care. Love it Love it Love it

It has this pretty peachy colour and my lips just shine with this one.

It lasts quite about 3 hours or so with drinking eating all of that.

Ok I've just gone on and on talking about it.

Here are some pics.

Sorry about the pics. I was so excited when I bought it I clicked it on my phone. That's why the lipbalm is still unused.

miss kays