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What I wore for my birthday!! and some Rambling

I had this idea that I would post this the night before my birthday. High hopes!! The eve of my birthday was spent in searching for the perfect accessories for my sari, getting wet in the rain in the process, and then setting question papers for the upcoming exams!

Following which I fell sick and when you are down with chest congestion, writing on your blog is the farthest thing on your mind.

Well now that I am on holiday (yaay me! and God bless schools for Christmas holidays) I have a bit more time on hand and hopefully I will catch up with all the long overdue posts.

First up is what I wore for my birthday. yes of course this is top on the priority list because I am the type of person who plans well in advance for her birthday. I take my time to choose the outfit and the accessories etc etc. This time was a bit different. I didn't actually go shopping for my birthday. For those who know me this is a shocker, I know!! I spent more time in deciding the blouse design and getting accessories for the sari. I decided I wanted a simple silent birthday this time and that is what I got. :)

Ok the sari is a simple cotton based one. I bought it at PSR silks, Coimbatore.

Cost: 500 INR (brilliant na!)

Blouse designs:

The borders- Rs.20 per metre. I bought 2 metres of both colours the green and the purple.

The flower design at the back: INR 80.

Stitching charge: 250INR.

Falls: 25 INR. I stitched it on myself.

Moving on to the accessories. I wanted slightly understated accessories with purple as the main colour.

Earrings: Silver with a light purple stone.

Cost: 350INR.
I bought it at Forum Mall. It was just one of those stalls.

Chain: Silver
Cost: 400INR.

Bought it at Shoppers stop.

Pendant: Not silver. Just some white metal.
Cost: 200INR.
Bought it at  small fancy store called Glitters, Koramangala.

Bangles: I already had it.
Bought it as Commercial Street.
Cost: Dont' remember.

So. How do I look??

miss kays