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REVIEW: Avon Everlasting Mascara

This is a mascara that I have been meaning to review for ages. In fact it got over and I threw it away as well! And then when I was going through my phone pictures I realised I had never gotten around to reviewing this.
I really liked this mascara.


REVIEW: Zuush Eye and Face Makeup remover wipes

We all know the importance of removing makeup before we go to sleep and today's review is something that makes that routine so much more easier. Makeup remover wipes by Zuush. I feel like this should come with a tag lime- Removes all makeup in a jiffy (like Mr. Muscle)


Bloggers Made Me Buy: Maybelline Blush Studio Cheeky Glow

I love Christmas holidays because it is the only time in the academic year when I have no school work to do. (still have tuition kids coming in, but that's okay). Having no school work gives me so much more time to do other things. Other things usually include lots of tv (read as streaming online and watching shows), lots of sleeping time (its really cold, okay) and nowadays it means time to blog. So I put together a list of products that I HAD to review before the year ended and that is exactly what I am doing


DIY: Lipstick holder

Since I was a kid, I have always been into making stuff and being organized. As my makeup collection has been expanding, I started to realize that I'm going to have to organize in a different way so that everything is accessible. For this purpose I've been watching a lot of videos on YouTube - DIY makeup organizers, makeup storage, DIY vanity etc, to get inspiration and also figure what works best for my collection.
Lip products are the latest addition to my makeup collection and I suddenly have a lot of it. Balms, glosses, smoothies, lipsticks, so many varieties and everything was kept in a box. Hence I mostly just used whatever was out and accessible. For days on end I would wear the same colour.


Christmas Special: Xteeener Inspired EOTD

Merry Christmas Dear Readers!!! How did you spend your Christmas day? I had a very relaxing day because as you all know I am holiday. We went out in the evening and I finally got to try this pretty Olive Green look inspired by my favourite YouTube Guru- Xteeener.


REVIEW: Avon Simply Pretty Big Eye Pencil in Brown

Lakme has come out with these new eye shadows that in a crayon form and seeing that reminded me that I still have not reviewed this product and it was one of the first makeup products in my collection.
I was actually looking for a dark brown eye pencil and well this is not that at all!!! But I love it! Its like my go-to eye shadow shade. Simple to use. Perfect for everyday. There is nothing fancy about it.


REVIEW: Maybelline ColorShow in Denim Dash 503 and a Christmassy nail art (well an attempt)

Christmas is just two days away and when I was staring at my nail polish collection I realised that I had some Christmassy colours and I could attempt a nail art. Also I haven're reviewed the rest of the Maybelline ColorShow nail polishes that I own. (I own 7. Shhhh!!)
So here is a two in one post. A nail art with only ColorShow nailpolishes.


A first date look


OOTD: The last working day and a rock concert.

I don't know if I have mentioned it before, my school completed 50 years and we've had a year filled with celebrations. The culmination was a music concert featuring 2 internationally acclaimed bands. It was the last working day for the year and an evening when all the teachers were allowed to let their hair down, relax and dance. And dance we did!!


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And I have holidays again..

So I have been missing for a month! I know, right? November and December is super hectic in school. Not only do we get bundles of papers to correct, we also have to set question papers for the exams in Jan and as usual I do this last minute (pretty much worse than my students who study last minute). All that and the musical takes up time. Once in two years, my school puts up a musical and that is months of practise and effort. The students act, sing, dance and the music is played by our music department. I was part of the backstage crew and boy, it was back breaking. Quite literally. In the middle of all this I celebrated my birthday and my cousin and I designed my birthday outfit. You can expect a detailed post on that coming up. And oh oh, I almost forgot the series of weddings that I attended (again). So it has been a crazy month. But.... In two days I start Christmas vacations (I love being a school teacher) and so you can expect regular posts, atleast for the next 2 weeks.
But the most exciting thing is I have managed to not shop for any makeup since my haul in October. I am so thrilled!! The sale season will be here soon and I will go berserk but I just went on a shopping ban without even planning for one!!! It is really good in a way because I have been using what I own and I have some reviews that I am ready to roll out.
That was my November in a gist.
Will be seen here more regularly.
miss kays



Let's Chat: Best Buy on Sale

We are going on a small temple trip this weekend and I was packing the handbag that I use for travel and while packing it I was thinking that this handbag is most definitely the best thing I've bought on sale in a while.
So I thought I'd share it with you all.

This is a Lavie Bag. The only Lavie Bag I own.

The original price was about 3000 INR but I bought during the last Lifestyle sale and got it at 50% off! Such a steal, right??

I love the pink lining on the inside and it has so many pouches! It doesn't just slouch over.

Just a small post before I take off for the weekend.
Do share with me what was your best buy on Sale recently.

Happy Weekend!

miss kays



All Time Fav: L'Oreal HydraFresh Aqua Cream

So the first product I am talking about is skin care. A moisturiser that I have used for about 2 years now. And managed to finished 2 tubs of it till date. I am on my 3rd tub right now. So I guess you understand how much I love it and why it is an All Time Favourite.


LOTD: A barely there makeup look. (but there is makeup)

Most mornings once I'm done with my makeup I spend a few minutes clicking selfies. This is only if I like the way the makeup turned out that day. And my mom will keep screaming in the background, " Miss teacher you are getting late. What's with this obsession of clicking pictures early in the morning when you have to leave to school?" So I have to reply, "but I need to blog ma". This happens atleast 3 days out of 5 in a week :P
Today I just left the house and then realised I never clicked a pic. So I quickly took one downstairs near where my bike is parked and the picture actually looked kind of nice so I thought I would do a LOTD.


All Time Favs.

So here is yet another new section! I know, right!!
All of us have that one song, a top or a piece of jewellry that is our favourite!! We quite literally can't get enough of it. For some of us, there are products that fall under that category. So this new section is just that. Products that I have finished and repurchased. Only those will be featured in this section.
So stay tuned to read all about what I love and tell me about your loves.

miss kays.



Monthly Favourites- October.

So I have bought a whole new bunch of products over the past 2 months but haven't had time to really test all of them. Some are in testing stage and some have been love at first sight. So here are 5 of my favourite products for the month of October.


REVIEW: Lakme Face Stylist Blush Duo in Coral Blush

I hope your Diwali is in full swing. I have a holiday even on Monday that's why I'm trying to get some reviews done. Today we'll look at a Blush Duo from Lakme.


Diwali Outfit and an attempt at Nail art.

Hello everyone, Hope you had a lovely  Diwali so far. Here is a just a small post on my outfit and nails.

Happy Diwali!!

As some of you may have noticed my giveaway ended when my Dussera hols got over and after that I went missing, its a school thing people. I mean school starts and then everything else gets pushed to the bakcground. But nevertheless I am here to wish you all for Diwali. (yes, you are right, I have a few days holidays again =] ).

So lovely ladies and handsome men out there, Happy Happy Diwali

Have a safe Diwali and wish you a prosperous year ahead..

miss kays

p.s. a blush review is coming up and possibly a nail art.. Keep reading.



And the Winner is....

So my first giveaway ever ended yesterday and I don't know about the participants but I was really excited to find who the winner was.
So ladies and gentlemen, here is the winner of my giveaway!!!


REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Face Brush.

So a few months ago I had put up a First Impressions post about this brush. Here is the full review.
(Yes... no blabbering today. Straight to business)

I seem to have talked quite a lot about the brush in my First Impressions post More than I thought. Anyway, for those of you who haven't read it, here is a detailed review.


REVIEW: Maybelline ColorShow nailpolish in 001 Cinderella Pink

Maybelline has just been churning out new products month after month, and I've just been trying to catch up with reviews, but I haven't done really done justice to it. So this time I made sure that I review the new release as soon as possible. So here I am with a pretty pretty nail colour review- The ColorShow nailpolish in 001 called Cinderalla Pink


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Lakme Absolute Face Stylist Blush Duo

In my latest haul post, (click here to see) I bought only Lakme stuff (except for one L'Oreal nailpolish). So today I will quickly talk about one new blush from the Absolute range.
It is 2 blushes in one, quite similar to the highlighter duo from the Absolute range.
The one I picked up has a coral shade and a pink. The other two duos were not as vibrant.
As of now I am liking it. The colour, the finish, the compact size. The price is fairly affordable considering tat you get two blushes at the price of one.
The review will be in a detailed post soon.

By the way, have you entered my giveaway yet? Maybe next giveway I'll throw in a basic makeup kit- blush, kajal, lipstick, mascara. What do you think?

Click here to enter my first giveway. Just a few days left ladies!!1

miss kays



REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Shine Line EyeLiner in Smoky Grey

Navrathri has been crazy hectic with the puja and even though I am on holiday, I still have papers to correct. (Time consuming. But we'll talk about that another time). I love Navrathri. I learnt that there are colours associated with each day and that isn't a very Tam Bram thing. I found it fascinating so I'm currently reading more about that. Also this has been the BEST Navrathri in terms of all the gifts I've gotten!!! I am just loving it. But more on that later.
Today I have a review of the Lakme Absolute Shine EyeLiner in the colour Smoky Grey.


Of Festivals and a mini Giveaway!!

I love Dussera and Diwali!! one of the biggest reasons is because I get holidays!! (perks of being a school teacher).
The colours, the stories, they all mesmerize me...


Haul!! Mostly Lakme Products

There are so many new products in the market, God only knows how oblivious I have been for so long!! So when I went to look for a new nailpolish for my friend, I just picked up a whole bunch of new stuff from Lakme Absolute collection. Beauty Blogging is about experimenting, right? I say bring it on!!
After buying all this, with the upcoming festival season, I have a brilliant idea of what to do with some of the products..


LOTD: Simple Neutral Look.

Here is a simple neutral LOTD

Wardrobe essentials: The White Kurta and a LOTD

One of my very first posts was on wardrobe essentials for the IndianWoman. (Click here to read it). I thought I'd show you how I styled it for a day out.
So on Sunday I had two occasions - a mini reunion with my school friends. Actually it was to say bye and wish good luck to one of our friends who was moving to Chennai for further studies. The other occasion was my nephew's birthday.


Bloggers Made Me Buy: Maybelline ClearGlow stick

When I started this section I knew I had to start with this product. It just made so much of sense. The hype that this product created in the blogosphere was overwhelming. I went hunting in store after store trying to get my hands on it, and finally after a bit of a wait I managed to get the Maybelline ClearGlow stick. I picked the shade Fawn.


Fresh face LOTD.

The most important part of teaching class 11 and 12 is the practical portion. The reason is some how or the other, the students will learn theory, but for the practical exam, you need practice and a bit of luck. You could know the theory of how the reaction is supposed to work, but it doesn't always work that way in the lab! Regular lab classes itself are intense, and setting the lab for a practical exam is 2 days of weighing chemicals, mixing solutions, testing and retesting to ensure that the students face minimum difficulty. It is hectic.


LOTD: What I wore for a lunch with school friends.

There is nothing better than catching up friends, laughing about old time, giggling at the present and saying pffffttt about the future.In general creating a big galatta wherever we go :D
My 10th standard friends are the biggest bunch of nutcases that I hang out with and fortunately we have all remained so since.... forever. We make it a point to meet up as often as we can (read as once in a few months) and we've slowly gone up the ladder. From hanging out at the bakery and fast food joint opposite school, we slowly started hanging out at a someone's house and ordered food, we've gone to chinese restaurants and even cooked for one reunion. This time it was a buffet at a fine dining restaurant. Though for the ruckus we created there it is possible we aren't going to be let back there again.


A quick OOTD: Onam Special

Nope I am not a Malayali. Just from the neighbouring state, a Tam Bram (Tamil Brahmin in case you didn't know what that means). In my department we celebrate all festivals with such gusto- food, the attire, everything as authentic as possible.
Here is what I wore for Oname
Decided to give a little colour to the whole attire and so went for red jumkhas, red bangles with a red and green chain and of course a bright lip in terms of makeup. The eye was kept very simple.

You know you keep learning something new everyday?
Well seeing this picture I realised that I really use a very light hand for the blush. So light it is barely seen.. and I need to conceal a bit better under the eye.
And most importantly I should not click so much of direct light with a foundation that contains SPF. I look ghostly and slightly ghastly.
All in All not my best picture but how else do you learn??

what do you think? Terrible or bearable?

miss kays



Bloggers Made Me Buy

As a supposed beauty blogger, whether I update my blog or not, I never miss reading other beauty blogs everyday. My day starts with it and ends with. That is why I have internet on my phone and I am constantly looking into Twitter to see if any of my favourite blogs have updated any posts.
(p.s. here is a link to the post that lists some of the blogs that inspire me)
I am always reading reviews on products whether or not I can afford that product and occasionally I have gone out on a limb and picked up some product just because I read some raving reviews about it. This section is just that- to show you a product I may have picked up under the heady influence of a blogger who just did not stop talking about it, and of course I will give you my review on it.
So here is to fellow bloggers, thanks to your reviews, the cosmetic industry has surely made a few more bucks.

miss kays


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A Letter, and a New Section

Dear Readers, I know I have been missing for a month and well there will always be excuses for putting work off. So I am not here to give excuses but to tell you a little bit about my life.
As you may know I am a teacher. (If you didn't know, now you do). Teaching class 11 and 12 is a full time job. And when I say full time, I mean I spend 75% of my day focussed on them. Besides the 6 hours I spend at school, about 2 hours goes into preparing for their class. Powerpoints and charts take up time. Besides that  I have a few kids in the apartement, who come home for extra help after school hours. So thats another 3 hours per day spent in teaching. This leaves me mentally brain drained and all I wanna do is flop onto my bed and sleep.
What about weekends you say? That goes in setting question papers and correcting answer scripts. Yes. There is so much to being a high school teacher. I love my job!!
So being that exhausted doesn't leave me creative enough to write up a post and edit pictures.

That being said, I actually want to introduce to the idea of a new section. You know how on YouTube you must have seen videos called- YouTube made me buy this, well this section is based on that.
Called Bloggers Made Me Buy This, I will show you what products I buy because of reading some raving reviews on various blogs (yes i make time to read tons of blogs even if I don't write in my own) and follow it up with my own review.

Sounds good??

Let me know.

miss kays


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Lakme Absolute Blush Brush

Yes ladies, you read correctly, Lakme has makeup brushes in the Absolute collection which absolutely cost a bomb. The reason I bought this is because it is retractable and perfect for travel. So travel with it I did this weekend when I went for my friend's wedding. I picked this up as part of the makeup haul. Click here to see the other products that I bought.


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Revlon ColourStay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner in Totally Turquoise

Revlon ColourStay One Stroke Defining Eyeliner in Totally Turquoise, in once mouthful for the name of an eyeliner pencil. Hereafter it will referred to as Revlon ColourStay Eyeliner in Totally Turquoise. That is still kinda long, I know, but it is okay...


LOTD with products from my haul.

Most of you read about the makeup I hauled towards the end of last month. If you didn't, here is the link.
Today's look was using a few of thee products.
Here is the look


Monthly Favourites: July

It already the end of July! Feels like I just wrote a monthly favourites for the month of June. Feels like school just started and 2 months is over. 2 months filled with so many events and activities and of course, me rushing to finish portions for class 12.

This month I did not use a lot of new products. The list of favourites is similar to some previous months except the lip product.


FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Maybelline Eyestudio Line Allure Liquid Eyeliner

I really don't know what I was thinking when I bought this. I didn't swatch or anything, I just simply popped into the shopping basket and billed it. This was about 5 months ago. I used it once that time and I did not like it. The line it drew was a think inconsistent irregular line and I have not touched this since then. 
So why an I putting up a First Impressions Post 5 months later? ummm, well, I just saw the post lying as a draft and that's when I even remembered this product existed. 


Makeup haul

Its sale season!!! Actually that is just an excuse to go shopping and it works every time.. :D
So here is all the makeup that I bought. So basically lots of new things to try and review over a period of time. What I'm most excited about is the Revlon Colourstay foundation and the Lakme 9 to 5 lipstick.
Here is a sneak peak at what I bought.


LOTD(s):5 everyday looks.

My everyday looks are simple and to the point, occasionally I do a little bit more. A bit like the notes I use to teach my class.
So here are the looks I wore for the past week.


LOTD: When I'm in a hurry makeup

Here is a quick and I mean really quick post on the makeup look I wore today. Simple and fast. I don't do a full foundation routine everyday to work. I don't have the time. I don't mind if my skin looks a bit natural with a few marks. I don't think my students care too much either. So here is the look followed by the breakdown of makeup.


REVIEW: Fiama Di Wills Shower Gels

Ok ladies, I have a confession to make. Until about 2 years ago I had never used anything but soap or besan flour (brilliant exfoliation) for a bath. I don’t have a particular reason for not trying a shower gel except that it never crossed my mind that I should. I mean soap worked for me, so why should I change from it?
Then Fiama Di wills happened. In fact I didn’t buy it. My dad did. He went to get himself a perfume and saw this and picked it up. In fact he used it before I did and he quite liked it.


REVIEW: Revlon Extra Fast Nail Enamel Remover

Hello People...

Fast food joints, instant noodles, 3 minute makeup looks, fast drying nail polish, we are all about getting things done quickly these days. Keep up with the times is this nail polish remover by Revlon called Revlon Extra Fast Nail Enamel remover.

The first time I used this product I didn't like it. I used it just like a normal remover- few drops on a cotton pad and wiped it across the nail and it didn't remove anything!! I was so disappointed.
Then the next time I used it, my sis was talking to me while I was trying to remove it and so I ended up holding the cotton pressed onto my toe for a few seconds, and then when I removed it, voila, the colour was removed without a trace. This happened literally in a few seconds. So yes that is the best way to use the remover is like how you remove your mascara. Pour a few drops on the cotton pad, hold on your nail, and then remove. I like to use a cotton bud to remove it from the cuticle region.
this is how much I have used up

maybelline Express finish in fuschia

just a few seconds of applying the remover.

What I like about this product
> It does remove your nail polish faster than other removers that I have used.
>It doesn't leave any whititsh streaks
> Regular nail polish remover odour
> Doesn't leave your nails feeling rough.

What I don't like about this product
You may need to use more than usual with this product especially for removing darker colours.

Will I buy it again?
yes I probably will..

Have you used Revlon Extra Fast Nail Enamel Remover? What are your thoughts?

miss kays



Monthly Favourites: June

Hello Everyone

I haven't done a monthly favourites post and this month it is all makeup products.

June has been a crazy hectic month for me and even though I have spent a little extra time on my makeup some days, most days I only have time to do a basic look.


Coastal Scents Haul


The best part of having people living abroad is the gifts they get you- chocolates and Bath and Body works usually top the list. However since my obsession with makeup increased I;ve been waiting for someone to get me makeup and come.. I do have a makeup palette from Color Institute but this I wanted some specific stuff.. Now makeup is something isn't easy to order for your dad to bring and come so I just asked my friend to get it. She ordered everything on my list and got it shipped to her place and and brought it when she came down to India for a holiday. I was in a heaven that smelt of Coastal Scents!!!

Here are all the things that I ordered for

the whole haul

the brushes

I finally own a Coastal Scents Palette

a colour corrector to be used with concealer

freebie. they sent something free..

A sneak peek at the palette
So that's everything..
On a side note, I know I have not been regular in posting and I'm sorry to say that it is going to be like that for the next weeks. I have an event that I am organizing along with all my other activities and till that gets over its just crazy crazy crazy.. So I will post on weekends, hopefully.. I haven't even used any of these yet and so well can't really have reviews on them. but I do have other posts in mind and will work on those.. So till next weekend, Ciao.

miss kays


Revlon Cream eyeshadows

I am almost always searching for something or the other, and occasionally I am searching for a particular product. For a very long time I have been searching for the Revlon creme shadow palette and I finally got it. yes i know this is a very old product and in fact it is discontinued now and I should have picked it up earlier, but earlier I didn't know that I would want it so badly. I picked up the last 2 from a Lifestyle counter. Infact while picking it up I got to know that there is a new set of creme eyeshadows that has been put out by Revlon. They look nothing like the these palettes that I got today. I shall definitely not wait for a long time to pick those up.
Anyway here are the 2 I picked up... Reviews as soon as I start using these.

I know they look very similar but one has shades of pink, gold and the other with brown shades. Perfect for everyday looks especially for work..
copper coast

pink petals

hopefully you can see the difference in the shades..
miss kays



Cannes Inspired Look: Sonam Kapoor.

Everyone is talking about the Cannes and especially about Sonam Kapoor and her outfit and makeup.
So the look I loved the most was the makeup she wore with the Dolce & Gabbana floral dress..

Ok so it's like this Disney Princess type of gown and pretty in pink makeup. I'm kind of duskier than she is and so I can't pull off such a light pink look, hence I amped it up just a bit and went a shade darker. I wouldn't call it a recreation of her look. Just an inspired look..

Here is the 'Sonam Kapoor' version. It really is a fresh face type of look. Not too made up. Very young looking.
This image is taken off the Internet


REVIEW: Maybelline 40second Express Finish Nail Colour in Fuschia

Hello Everyone..
With the most of the blogosphere buzzing with the pop tints and in general talking about bright neon colours, I looked at my nail polish collection and saw that I had no bright colours as such, barring the Colorbar colour in the previous post and a Lakme nail colour in a pretty blue that I have reviewed here

So I set out to get myself a bright colour and I figured I was not an orange or yellow kind of person (though i do own an orange lipstick. But that story is for another day) so i settled on buying a pink. A nice hot pink.


5 summer nailpolishes to suit your mood.

For me nail polishes is totally mood based and so I thought I'd put together my 5 favourite nail polishes for this summer/ monsoon season. The rains in Bangalore have been erratic but crazy when it has rained. It has given new meaning to the phrase " it never rains, only pours'. But i am getting off topic..


LOTD: Xteeener inspired look.

Hello everyone..
It either rains posts on my blog or there is nothing at all.. that is the story of my life.. it either rains events or I have nothing to do. But I'm making an effort to blog more regularly.. hopefully.. my holidays end in 2 weeks and then once I'm back to work, its back on the CrazyLife train.. but I'm really enjoying blogging so I'm going to put an effort to work at it more..

As you may have read, I had a post up some time ago about my favorite YouTube gurus for makeup and Xteeener was the first on my list. In case you missed that, well here is the link.

For the first time I actually tried a look that she did and didn't just simply watch the video and sit silently and I loved the way it turned out. The first time I tried it, I clicked the picture in the car and you can see only the lip colour properly


The Brand. The Product #1: Lakme eye liners

So as you must have guessed from the series of reviews, Lakme will  be the first brand I will be talking about and in particular the eye liners from this brand.

The 4 liners that I have reviewed are

Lakme Instaliner (LI)

Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate (LAKU)

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal (LEK)

Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner (LAPLL)

Here is the comparison

                            LI                   LAKU              LEK           LAPLL                       

Price                    65                       695                200                  395

Type                  Liquid                kajal                    kajal              sketch pen

Smudged            Defined              Both                  Both               Defined

Lasting power       3-4h                   4-5h               2-3h                   3-4h        

Ease of use           Med                    Easy              Easy                  Easy

Smudgeproof       Sorta                  Sorta               Nope                  Nope

Waterproof         Nope                 Not really           Nope             Nope

here are swatches of all 4

Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate is the heart
Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner is inside (its drying up) 

Lakme Instaliner is inside
Lakme Eyeconic is the heart

Really hope this was useful

miss kays


REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner

What is it?
A black eyeliner in sketch pen form

What look can I achieve?
Defined looks. Perfect for the cat liner, winged, kitten. Anything that needs precision.

Price: 395INR

What is good about it?
Very easy to use
Best for beginners
Matte Black

What is not good about it?
Dries out easily
doesn't draw a line as smooth as a liquid liner
Don't think it can be used on the water line. Atleast I have never used it on my water line
Starts to fade after a few hours. Doesn't last forever and ever on my lids.
Not exactly waterproof or smudge proof.

What am I on the fence about?
It is the first sketch type of liner that I have used and So I like that it is easy to use, but again not a favourite.

REVIEW: Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

Next is Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

You must have read tons of reviews on the Internet. So I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

What is it?
A simple black kajal in a roll up stick.

What look can I achieve?
Defined looks. Also a bit of a smudged look if you work fast. But not for smoky looks.

Price: 200INR (atleast when I bought it)

What is good about it?
Easy to use
Safe on the waterline
No need to sharpen and so no wastage of product

What is not good about it?
Well is might not be black enough for some people.
Smudges a bit though it claims to be smudge free
Claims to last 6 hours, but on my waterline it lasts for about 3 and then there are only traces left.

What am I on the fence about?
I don't think I love it though it is easy to use. It isn't my Go To kajal. 

REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate

Next is LakmeAbsolute Kohl Ultimate

This is my latest love.

What is it?
A simple black kajal with a built in sharper and smudger.

What look can I achieve?
Defined looks. Also a bit of a smudged look and smoky as well, if you work fast enough

Price: 695INR

What is good about it?
Super smooth application
Creamy consistency
Easy to use
Safe on the waterline

What is not good about it?
Smudges a bit though it claims to be smudge free
You have to sharpen it, so there is loss of the product and since it is so creamy and smooth, it sticks to the sharpener and makes cleaning kind of difficult.
Not cheap, considering it is a kajal.

What am I on the fence about?
The lasting power... A lot of people claim that it stays for 6 hours and all but not for me. Maybe that is just my eye. I dunno.

Also read

REVIEW: Lakme Instaliner

Good ol' Instaliner.

This is the first liner I am going to talk about.
I do believe I have talked about this liner is previous posts when I've talked about five minute makeup. You can click here to read those.

What is it?
A basic liquid liner. Comes in a small bottle with a small thin brush attached to the lid. Regular black. 

What look can I achieve?
The Instaliner is very versatile, from a simple lined eye, to a cat eye, a winged look. Any look which requires definition can be achieved with this liner. 

Price: 65INR when I bought it
What is good about it?
Comes off easily.
Once it sets it doesn't smudge.

What is not good about it?
Not really for beginners as you need a steady hand to apply this
It isn't really waterproof.
Can be a bit flaky.

On the fence about..
It's lasting power. It lasts for about 4 hours properly and then it starts to kind of flake a bit. Especially if you rub you eyes.

Also read
Lakme Eyeconic Kajal
Lakme Absolute Ultimate Kohl.
Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner.
And then read my overall comparison


The Brand. The Product: A New Series

All brands put out different lines of the same product to cater to different needs- like matte eyeshadows and shimmers shadows, gel liners and liquid liners.
This new series is to help all the confused people about there who are not sure which product to buy.
I will be posting a bunch of reviews on one type of product from one brand and then I will also post a simple comparison. No this isn't a war. There is no winner at the end of the this. This is just to help you pick a product to cater to your specific needs.

Hope you find this useful...

miss kays



My favourite YouTube gurus for makeup

YouTube has so many uses, I use it to take class, my dad uses it to watch episodes that he missed of a particular serial, mom listens to devotional songs and sister uses it for all other genres of music. YouTube is the place from where I picked up a lot of makeup tricks, fashion ideas and also tips on organizing
Today I will be talking about the YouTube gurus I like for makeup and only makeup.

First up- Xteeener.
Her real name is Christine and her channel is the first one that I subscribed for.

What I like most about her videos: She talks fluently. I've watched many other YouTube makeup videos and many of the girls either pause, or say 'umm' in between like umm every other umm word (So irritating), and some others make these weird clicking noises with their tongue. It is painful on the ears. It also get so on my nerves when they like, use 'like' between like every word to like express their point.
So the fact that Christine talks so without airs and pauses and quirky sounds is a BIG plus point. The makeup is broken down into simple steps. She covers a lot of the basics and has many different types of looks created.  I have really learnt A LOT from her videos. Her videos are to the point, no unnecessary rambling and definitely worth a watch.

This is the link to her channel-

This is a link to my favourite makeup video of hers-

Next is- The MakeUp Chair
Her real name is Sineady Cady.

What I like most about her videos: Her accent is the first thing. It is just simply pretty! The looks she creates are simple to recreate and right now she is doing a series of videos with the basics, these are my favourite. She is covering everything from how to choose a foundation, to concealer, to corrector. and even face shapes. Brilliant for those like me, who have just started experimenting with makeup. Again she doesn't have any airs or pauses and talks quite fluently and her videos are short and sweet.

This is a link to her channel-

This is a link to the series of videos on the basics-

Next is - Lisa Elridge.
She is professional makeup artist and it shows in her videos. There is bit of rambling at times but that is usually because she is giving tips and talking about other products similar to this. So there is a lot of information being given. I'm pretty sure none of those products are available here which is also a problem. But the videos are good to watch.

here is the link to her channel-

Now how about someone from our very own place- Corallista
Her real name is Ankita.

What I like is about her videos: They are all voice over. So the videos are to the point. Even though she doesn't update on a weekly basis, the looks she create are really pretty and make the wait worth it. Her eyes are just gorgeous!
She is the author of the blog in the same name-
What I like most is the fact that she uses products that are accessible to us. I know it might not be within the budget of every Indian and I wish she would do some videos with products are not MAC or NYX. Maybe some Maybelline and Lakme.

Here is the link to her channel-

So these are the top YouTube gurus who's videos I never miss.

Who are your favourites?

miss kays




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: FACES Canada Pedicure set in Coral

There was a point where I used to shop recklessly, Like It, Buy It, was my motto, but then I grew up (read as grew older) and realized that it wasn't worth shopping like that especially if I wanted to keep on shopping. Its been a while since I just bought something because it looked pretty and this pedicure set was a result of that.


Mini Haul: Maybelline Galore

I am a fan of Maybelline because for a decent price I can get good quality makeup. And on a teacher's salary, MAC etc is simply a luxury that I can't afford. Not complaining. There will come a point where I will be able to.:)


ORGANIZATION: How I organize my eyeliners/eye pencils.

Here is a simple way to organize eye liners.

I have one stand for all the blacks. (The stand was a gift. )


The Lakme absolute is like the kid in class who had a growth spurt over the summer.

And this one is for the coloured eyeliners. I have them upside down so I can see the colours easily.


So that's how I keep my eyeliners.

miss kays



FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Maybelline HyperGlossy Eyeliner

I seem to rediscover new items that have kinda become old, like the Maybelline HyperGlossy Eyeliner has been round quite a while and in fact the there are coloured versions of it that seem to have started doing rounds, but for the life of it, I can't find it at a Maybelline counter here in Bangalore. Frustrating.
Anyways this is just first impressions post.


ORGANIZATION: The drawer with makeup/skin care supplies

Summer holidays= spring cleaning for me. I love cleaning. I know I come off as weird, but cleaning and organizing makes me feel in control. The joy I get from throwing way stuff may be a bit vicious, but hey, I've learnt that hoarding gets you nowhere. I find cleaning and organizing, sort of therapeutic.
Today I will be showing you how I rearranged the drawer in my cupboard that contains new makeup, some skin care products, and cotton buds etc. Basically a whole lot of extra cosmetic stuff. I got this idea from YouTube (of course!). There isn't one particular video that I liked, there are many.


Statement necklaces.

First of all I should say sorry for being away for so long. Sorry.. I could come up with a ton of excuses but that it isn't fair to my readers. So no excuses, I just need to put in more effort towards this blog.
getting back to the post on hand...
As some of you may have seen on Twitter I had posted pics of two absolutely gorgeous necklaces.. Both of which I bought from Shebang. Quite reasonably priced as well..
Here is a better look at them.. and also one more statement piece that I bought recently..


A simple EOTD.

There is a story behind this EOTD.
I had put up this picture on twitter more than 2weeks ago but I couldn't put up the corresponding post. The reason?

Well the day I was wearing this, I had a small mishap in the chem lab.. An experiment went a bit crazy and splashed into my face. My eyes. So I had red eyes and blurred vision for a few days and I couldn't post.

Then I forgot about this look and just realized I hadn't posted about it.

Breakdown of the look.
inner corner- Golden eyeliner form Maybelline Eyestudio.
Middle part- A green colour from the same Maybelline Eyestudio
Outer part and the slight flick- Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in brown swirl..

So basically a look with just Maybelline products. 

A very simple look that can be done in a minute.

p.s. I tried and tried to take another picture where the flick was seen clearly and I wasn't looking to the skies but it just didn't come clearly. Epic Fail!

miss kays




What I wore for Women's day.

I work in a school and my department consists of only the teachers who teach Junior College i.e. 11th and 12th. One would expect the teachers of the senior most department to be all prim and proper and well, boring, but my colleagues are far from that!! Really Far... They are the most fun bunch of people and it is a joy to work with them.
Occasionally (read -very often) to break the monotony and add some spice we decide to do something different. This usually involves food. (They are all foodies!!) Either we have a theme lunch like all chaat, all items made of bread, or a fruit party and we split the work amongst us. Those who can't cook and bring pool in for the raw material Sometimes we just order in.
As we are the kind of people who party even without a reason, Women's' Day gave us a reason to celebrate!!


REVIEW: AVON LongLasting Lip Gloss in Perpetual Pink.

This is a product that I was supposed reviewed a very long time ago. Atleast 10 months ago.
Yes Yes I know it's long long overdue.

As a teenager I was very much a lip gloss person. The type of lip gloss that you get very cheap at fancy stores.
This lipgloss is the first "grown up" lip gloss that I bought :D


My makeup story (But it isn't made up)

I am relatively new to the whole idea of beauty blogging. Of course I do have another blog but that was purely for all my literary works. And it took me a long time to even get started with that blog. I like writing. I've been writing verses (I don't like to call it poetry. I don't think it's worthy of being called poetry) since I was in the 8th. The only problem, I'm very erratic. I need to be inspired to write. I wrote quite a bit during college but most of my writing is only for me. I tend to not go public with it because well it's too damn emo (emotional) and also the people who are closest to me would immediately understand what situation or whom I am talking about. Can't deal with that happening :P I've also kept a diary since I was in the 8th and I was fairly regular in writing till the past 2 years or so. Basically since I started working,  my life has been about everything and everybody but me. What does this have to do with this blog or makeup?


ORGANISATION: Five minute makeup kit.

There are days (read, most days) when we are in such a hurry because we decided to sleep those 5 extra minutes (read, 15 minutes extra) and then decide to skip on an elaborate makeup look and go back to the basics. We all have those few favorites that we reach for every day. Our makeup staples. For many of us our everday makeup is either scattered or neatly packed away. Why waste time in searching for it every morning?
Today's post is just a simple solution to that problem.



The one thing that I believe in life is that you learn something new everyday!!!
Education is waaaay beyond just books and having this blog is really teaching me a lot. The reason I have been out of action for  while is not only because work and dance kept me busy, but also because I am learning how all I can make this blog better by reading a lot of other blogs and looking for my inspiration from there...

Hopefully I should be back soon with  different layout and new posts.

miss kays


Favourite eye products-january 2013

Hi everyone. Yes it has been quite a while since I posted. I wasn't in town, and since I got back, the upcoming board exams have kept me quite busy. No I'm not writing the boards, my students are, so between school, tuition and dance class, I've not had time to write much.


Look what came by courier today!!!

Sometimes all you need is a little ray of light to keep you going. And sometimes all it takes is for a package to arrive to make your day.


CELEBRITY MAKEUP: Jyothika In Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu.

 For any South Indian movie buff, Jyothika would be a known name. Especially Tamil movie fans.

The movie I am talking about is a fairly old tamil movie. It released in 2006, starring Kamal Hasan and Jyothika.


Makeup: Travel Edition. (With the photos added)

Dear readers, I am so sorry, I completely forgot to put the pics. So I've updated it now with the pics.

Last weekend I went  out of town for a friend's wedding and I didn't carry a lot of makeup as I can't really wear much on face, mainly on eye makeup. Also as it was just for the weekend I didn't wanna carry a lot.
So besides all my medicated creams etc etc, this is what I carried.



Inspiration. The word itself is like taking in a breath and leaving it out (I'm not talking about respiration here, but the way the word is pronounced.)
We should literally breathe our inspiration. It lies all around us. We are surrounded by it. But do we notice it?
Most of the time we are too busy trying to live our lives to the fullest we miss out on small things. The things that actually keep us going and sometimes it is the smallest thing that can make a difference in our lives. Like a smile from the kid next door, some stranger getting out of the seat to let an elderly person sit, the blue sky after the rains.
What we do with the inspiration depends on each person. Some people draw, some people sing, and others, like me, write. We spill our guts out when inspiration strikes us. Of course my other blog would be a better example of this.-

I know you must be thinking- what the hell is she talking about? Why all this philosophy on a beauty and fashion blog?

Well the new year got me thinking about how I got into writing about makeup so much. It was by reading. And what was I reading, so many other beauty blogs! Like duh!

So here I would like to say thanks to the beauty bloggers who have inspired me.

I am putting their links and also a few lines about the USP of their blogs. They don't even know me, and I hope whatever I doing isn't illegal or strange!

The first Indian Beauty blog I read was AddictedtoBlush.
I just fell in love with her writing.
Her USP- the ATB learning curve. It is honest and sincere and talks about what she has learnt.

Through AddictedToBlush I found another blog- PeachesandBlush.
Isn't the name itself sooooo cute!!!
Her USP- the style of writing. She makes beauty blogging look like story telling. Also her bridal section is insightful. Who knew being a bride could be so much and more!

Then ISimplyLoveMakeup.
The name of the blog reflect my sentiments.
Her USP- Her reviews are detailed and her EOTDs are elaborate.
She also has another blog-ISimplyLoveToDressup. This is dedicated to fashion and her engaging sense of fashion is inspiring.

Last but not in any way the least- Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog.
The USP- name the product and they have a review. It is like this extensive encyclopedia on makeup and beauty.

Whether I read the newspaper or not every morning (I actually don't read it), my day is not complete without reading these blogs.

Thank you ladies. Thank you so much!

miss kays



Fashion Trends for the upcoming year 2013.

Happy New Year!!!
Here's wishing good health and prosperity to all my readers (I'm still hoping there are people out there who do read this blog)

The papers have been full of the upcoming trends for the year 2013.