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Look what came by courier today!!!

Sometimes all you need is a little ray of light to keep you going. And sometimes all it takes is for a package to arrive to make your day.


CELEBRITY MAKEUP: Jyothika In Vettaiyadu Vilaiyadu.

 For any South Indian movie buff, Jyothika would be a known name. Especially Tamil movie fans.

The movie I am talking about is a fairly old tamil movie. It released in 2006, starring Kamal Hasan and Jyothika.


Makeup: Travel Edition. (With the photos added)

Dear readers, I am so sorry, I completely forgot to put the pics. So I've updated it now with the pics.

Last weekend I went  out of town for a friend's wedding and I didn't carry a lot of makeup as I can't really wear much on face, mainly on eye makeup. Also as it was just for the weekend I didn't wanna carry a lot.
So besides all my medicated creams etc etc, this is what I carried.



Inspiration. The word itself is like taking in a breath and leaving it out (I'm not talking about respiration here, but the way the word is pronounced.)
We should literally breathe our inspiration. It lies all around us. We are surrounded by it. But do we notice it?
Most of the time we are too busy trying to live our lives to the fullest we miss out on small things. The things that actually keep us going and sometimes it is the smallest thing that can make a difference in our lives. Like a smile from the kid next door, some stranger getting out of the seat to let an elderly person sit, the blue sky after the rains.
What we do with the inspiration depends on each person. Some people draw, some people sing, and others, like me, write. We spill our guts out when inspiration strikes us. Of course my other blog would be a better example of this.-

I know you must be thinking- what the hell is she talking about? Why all this philosophy on a beauty and fashion blog?

Well the new year got me thinking about how I got into writing about makeup so much. It was by reading. And what was I reading, so many other beauty blogs! Like duh!

So here I would like to say thanks to the beauty bloggers who have inspired me.

I am putting their links and also a few lines about the USP of their blogs. They don't even know me, and I hope whatever I doing isn't illegal or strange!

The first Indian Beauty blog I read was AddictedtoBlush.
I just fell in love with her writing.
Her USP- the ATB learning curve. It is honest and sincere and talks about what she has learnt.

Through AddictedToBlush I found another blog- PeachesandBlush.
Isn't the name itself sooooo cute!!!
Her USP- the style of writing. She makes beauty blogging look like story telling. Also her bridal section is insightful. Who knew being a bride could be so much and more!

Then ISimplyLoveMakeup.
The name of the blog reflect my sentiments.
Her USP- Her reviews are detailed and her EOTDs are elaborate.
She also has another blog-ISimplyLoveToDressup. This is dedicated to fashion and her engaging sense of fashion is inspiring.

Last but not in any way the least- Indian Makeup and Beauty Blog.
The USP- name the product and they have a review. It is like this extensive encyclopedia on makeup and beauty.

Whether I read the newspaper or not every morning (I actually don't read it), my day is not complete without reading these blogs.

Thank you ladies. Thank you so much!

miss kays



Fashion Trends for the upcoming year 2013.

Happy New Year!!!
Here's wishing good health and prosperity to all my readers (I'm still hoping there are people out there who do read this blog)

The papers have been full of the upcoming trends for the year 2013.