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Fashion Trends for the upcoming year 2013.

Happy New Year!!!
Here's wishing good health and prosperity to all my readers (I'm still hoping there are people out there who do read this blog)

The papers have been full of the upcoming trends for the year 2013.
So I thought I would just take an excerpt from the papers and put up the trends in makeup and fashion for the next  this year. My reference for this post is from The Times of India, Times Life, dated 30.12.12


Colour- Emerald Green.

If I remember correctly, Ox Blood was one of the biggest colours of the year 2012. Emerald Green would be the perfect colour to complement that. From salwars to pants, to skirts and even stoles, can't you just see it being a great hit!!

party top

emerald green blouse

emerald green anarkali

It's metallic sheen will make it amazing for party wear. A deep jewel tone sari will be gorgeous for weddings. Pair with beige trousers,that would make it appropriate for work wear.
Yes yes I can see it being an amazing versatile piece.

Style: Collage.

Who hasn't had the joy of piecing together different pictures to create something totally new. Collage!! It is definitely creativity at a different level. Collage in fashion. Now this should be interesting to look out for as it can appear in different ways. Different prints for the top and bottom, patchwork skirts and pants, patchwork stoles, collage printed jackets. The options seems kind of endless....

Lets look at a few ways in which this can be worn.

collage dress
a jacket
A collage jacket worn over a bright dress can tone down the colour and make it appropriate for work wear.

Influence: Oriental

This is hitting it right home. Who knows Asian styles better than us!! (and of course other South East Asian countries, but well...) Rich brocades, bold floral prints, Mandarin collars (our take on that is the Nehru Collar).

mandarin collar
brocade salwar

None of the pictures are mine. I have taken everything from the internet. The links for each picture are at the bottom of the picture and this is my way of giving credits for the sourc of the picture. Also the information for the article is a mixture of my opinions plus what came in the paper-
I have linked that source as well.

This is just a preview of the fashion trends for the next year. Keep reading my blog to keep up with what is happening in the world of fashion and makeup.

Be stylish girls!

miss kays