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Look what came by courier today!!!

Sometimes all you need is a little ray of light to keep you going. And sometimes all it takes is for a package to arrive to make your day.

A little while ago I had taken part in a contest on and I was one of the winners!!! I could not believe it!!! and today the package arrived with my prize in it!!1 It just made my day. Samyukta!!! You are the cutest!!

Yes I know the pics are crappy!!! but I was so excited I took it on my phone. and well I just want to say Thank you samyukta!!!!
(p.s. yes it is a bit cracked and powdery. well the stupid courier people don't know how to handle with care) But I don't care. it is just so  pretty!
I know I've been missing awhile. Lots of things happened- graduation day at school, preparation for that, my grandma passed away, so managing the house without my mom. So yes its been crazy hectic!! But once things settle, I will get back and post regularly.
miss kays