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REVIEW: AVON LongLasting Lip Gloss in Perpetual Pink.

This is a product that I was supposed reviewed a very long time ago. Atleast 10 months ago.
Yes Yes I know it's long long overdue.

As a teenager I was very much a lip gloss person. The type of lip gloss that you get very cheap at fancy stores.
This lipgloss is the first "grown up" lip gloss that I bought :D


My makeup story (But it isn't made up)

I am relatively new to the whole idea of beauty blogging. Of course I do have another blog but that was purely for all my literary works. And it took me a long time to even get started with that blog. I like writing. I've been writing verses (I don't like to call it poetry. I don't think it's worthy of being called poetry) since I was in the 8th. The only problem, I'm very erratic. I need to be inspired to write. I wrote quite a bit during college but most of my writing is only for me. I tend to not go public with it because well it's too damn emo (emotional) and also the people who are closest to me would immediately understand what situation or whom I am talking about. Can't deal with that happening :P I've also kept a diary since I was in the 8th and I was fairly regular in writing till the past 2 years or so. Basically since I started working,  my life has been about everything and everybody but me. What does this have to do with this blog or makeup?


ORGANISATION: Five minute makeup kit.

There are days (read, most days) when we are in such a hurry because we decided to sleep those 5 extra minutes (read, 15 minutes extra) and then decide to skip on an elaborate makeup look and go back to the basics. We all have those few favorites that we reach for every day. Our makeup staples. For many of us our everday makeup is either scattered or neatly packed away. Why waste time in searching for it every morning?
Today's post is just a simple solution to that problem.



The one thing that I believe in life is that you learn something new everyday!!!
Education is waaaay beyond just books and having this blog is really teaching me a lot. The reason I have been out of action for  while is not only because work and dance kept me busy, but also because I am learning how all I can make this blog better by reading a lot of other blogs and looking for my inspiration from there...

Hopefully I should be back soon with  different layout and new posts.

miss kays


Favourite eye products-january 2013

Hi everyone. Yes it has been quite a while since I posted. I wasn't in town, and since I got back, the upcoming board exams have kept me quite busy. No I'm not writing the boards, my students are, so between school, tuition and dance class, I've not had time to write much.