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REVIEW: AVON LongLasting Lip Gloss in Perpetual Pink.

This is a product that I was supposed reviewed a very long time ago. Atleast 10 months ago.
Yes Yes I know it's long long overdue.

As a teenager I was very much a lip gloss person. The type of lip gloss that you get very cheap at fancy stores.
This lipgloss is the first "grown up" lip gloss that I bought :D
Avon LongLasting Lip Gloss in Perpertual Pink.....

Avon is a brand that I have heard of since I was a child. I know my mom has used Avon products and so when I started buying makeup this is one of the first brands that I turned to.Those of you who have read my blog will know that Avon Glimmersticks were one of the first few products that I reviewed. here is a link to that review.

About LongLasting LipGloss

I must confess that I didn't intend to buy this lipgloss, it just happened. The Avon representative told me it was on a discount and I bought it, but I don't regret having bought it.

What I like about this gloss
It is a really pretty pink. Really pretty.
It is just the right amount of stickiness.
It stays on for a long time. Even after eating and drinking endless cups of hot water and tea, I can see stains of it on my lips at 3pm before I leave work.
It looks great on a lipstick and even on its own.
The glitter, actually the shimmer is not very heavy and I like that.

What I don't like about this gloss.
Actually I love it...

Would I recommend it for others?
Well yes.. But that is my opinion...

What is your favourite lipgloss?

miss kays


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  1. I tried Lakme's lip gloss in strawberry, but I couldn't get used to the weird taste. I have been looking for a reasonable priced alternative, will definitely try Avon.