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A simple EOTD.

There is a story behind this EOTD.
I had put up this picture on twitter more than 2weeks ago but I couldn't put up the corresponding post. The reason?

Well the day I was wearing this, I had a small mishap in the chem lab.. An experiment went a bit crazy and splashed into my face. My eyes. So I had red eyes and blurred vision for a few days and I couldn't post.

Then I forgot about this look and just realized I hadn't posted about it.

Breakdown of the look.
inner corner- Golden eyeliner form Maybelline Eyestudio.
Middle part- A green colour from the same Maybelline Eyestudio
Outer part and the slight flick- Maybelline Gel Eyeliner in brown swirl..

So basically a look with just Maybelline products. 

A very simple look that can be done in a minute.

p.s. I tried and tried to take another picture where the flick was seen clearly and I wasn't looking to the skies but it just didn't come clearly. Epic Fail!

miss kays




What I wore for Women's day.

I work in a school and my department consists of only the teachers who teach Junior College i.e. 11th and 12th. One would expect the teachers of the senior most department to be all prim and proper and well, boring, but my colleagues are far from that!! Really Far... They are the most fun bunch of people and it is a joy to work with them.
Occasionally (read -very often) to break the monotony and add some spice we decide to do something different. This usually involves food. (They are all foodies!!) Either we have a theme lunch like all chaat, all items made of bread, or a fruit party and we split the work amongst us. Those who can't cook and bring pool in for the raw material Sometimes we just order in.
As we are the kind of people who party even without a reason, Women's' Day gave us a reason to celebrate!!