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ORGANIZATION: The drawer with makeup/skin care supplies

Summer holidays= spring cleaning for me. I love cleaning. I know I come off as weird, but cleaning and organizing makes me feel in control. The joy I get from throwing way stuff may be a bit vicious, but hey, I've learnt that hoarding gets you nowhere. I find cleaning and organizing, sort of therapeutic.
Today I will be showing you how I rearranged the drawer in my cupboard that contains new makeup, some skin care products, and cotton buds etc. Basically a whole lot of extra cosmetic stuff. I got this idea from YouTube (of course!). There isn't one particular video that I liked, there are many.

here is what it looked like before:

I just sorted it out into tissues, skin care creams, eye makeup (that was the most)

Here are the boxes that I used as drawer dividers.


I didn't use the plastic cup or the clay cup in the end.

here is what I looked like once I was done..

I know I have a lot of packs of tissues and face wipes. I use them a lot.
Back left: all the eye makeup, extra mascaras, kajal.
Back right: cream samples, cotton buds, cotton roll, face powder. and powder puffs.
Front right: tissues, face wipes
Front left: a set of new napkins.
That's all for today.
miss kays