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Cannes Inspired Look: Sonam Kapoor.

Everyone is talking about the Cannes and especially about Sonam Kapoor and her outfit and makeup.
So the look I loved the most was the makeup she wore with the Dolce & Gabbana floral dress..

Ok so it's like this Disney Princess type of gown and pretty in pink makeup. I'm kind of duskier than she is and so I can't pull off such a light pink look, hence I amped it up just a bit and went a shade darker. I wouldn't call it a recreation of her look. Just an inspired look..

Here is the 'Sonam Kapoor' version. It really is a fresh face type of look. Not too made up. Very young looking.
This image is taken off the Internet


REVIEW: Maybelline 40second Express Finish Nail Colour in Fuschia

Hello Everyone..
With the most of the blogosphere buzzing with the pop tints and in general talking about bright neon colours, I looked at my nail polish collection and saw that I had no bright colours as such, barring the Colorbar colour in the previous post and a Lakme nail colour in a pretty blue that I have reviewed here

So I set out to get myself a bright colour and I figured I was not an orange or yellow kind of person (though i do own an orange lipstick. But that story is for another day) so i settled on buying a pink. A nice hot pink.


5 summer nailpolishes to suit your mood.

For me nail polishes is totally mood based and so I thought I'd put together my 5 favourite nail polishes for this summer/ monsoon season. The rains in Bangalore have been erratic but crazy when it has rained. It has given new meaning to the phrase " it never rains, only pours'. But i am getting off topic..


LOTD: Xteeener inspired look.

Hello everyone..
It either rains posts on my blog or there is nothing at all.. that is the story of my life.. it either rains events or I have nothing to do. But I'm making an effort to blog more regularly.. hopefully.. my holidays end in 2 weeks and then once I'm back to work, its back on the CrazyLife train.. but I'm really enjoying blogging so I'm going to put an effort to work at it more..

As you may have read, I had a post up some time ago about my favorite YouTube gurus for makeup and Xteeener was the first on my list. In case you missed that, well here is the link.

For the first time I actually tried a look that she did and didn't just simply watch the video and sit silently and I loved the way it turned out. The first time I tried it, I clicked the picture in the car and you can see only the lip colour properly


The Brand. The Product #1: Lakme eye liners

So as you must have guessed from the series of reviews, Lakme will  be the first brand I will be talking about and in particular the eye liners from this brand.

The 4 liners that I have reviewed are

Lakme Instaliner (LI)

Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate (LAKU)

Lakme Eyeconic Kajal (LEK)

Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner (LAPLL)

Here is the comparison

                            LI                   LAKU              LEK           LAPLL                       

Price                    65                       695                200                  395

Type                  Liquid                kajal                    kajal              sketch pen

Smudged            Defined              Both                  Both               Defined

Lasting power       3-4h                   4-5h               2-3h                   3-4h        

Ease of use           Med                    Easy              Easy                  Easy

Smudgeproof       Sorta                  Sorta               Nope                  Nope

Waterproof         Nope                 Not really           Nope             Nope

here are swatches of all 4

Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate is the heart
Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner is inside (its drying up) 

Lakme Instaliner is inside
Lakme Eyeconic is the heart

Really hope this was useful

miss kays


REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner

What is it?
A black eyeliner in sketch pen form

What look can I achieve?
Defined looks. Perfect for the cat liner, winged, kitten. Anything that needs precision.

Price: 395INR

What is good about it?
Very easy to use
Best for beginners
Matte Black

What is not good about it?
Dries out easily
doesn't draw a line as smooth as a liquid liner
Don't think it can be used on the water line. Atleast I have never used it on my water line
Starts to fade after a few hours. Doesn't last forever and ever on my lids.
Not exactly waterproof or smudge proof.

What am I on the fence about?
It is the first sketch type of liner that I have used and So I like that it is easy to use, but again not a favourite.

REVIEW: Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

Next is Lakme Eyeconic Kajal

You must have read tons of reviews on the Internet. So I'll try to keep this short and sweet.

What is it?
A simple black kajal in a roll up stick.

What look can I achieve?
Defined looks. Also a bit of a smudged look if you work fast. But not for smoky looks.

Price: 200INR (atleast when I bought it)

What is good about it?
Easy to use
Safe on the waterline
No need to sharpen and so no wastage of product

What is not good about it?
Well is might not be black enough for some people.
Smudges a bit though it claims to be smudge free
Claims to last 6 hours, but on my waterline it lasts for about 3 and then there are only traces left.

What am I on the fence about?
I don't think I love it though it is easy to use. It isn't my Go To kajal. 

REVIEW: Lakme Absolute Kohl Ultimate

Next is LakmeAbsolute Kohl Ultimate

This is my latest love.

What is it?
A simple black kajal with a built in sharper and smudger.

What look can I achieve?
Defined looks. Also a bit of a smudged look and smoky as well, if you work fast enough

Price: 695INR

What is good about it?
Super smooth application
Creamy consistency
Easy to use
Safe on the waterline

What is not good about it?
Smudges a bit though it claims to be smudge free
You have to sharpen it, so there is loss of the product and since it is so creamy and smooth, it sticks to the sharpener and makes cleaning kind of difficult.
Not cheap, considering it is a kajal.

What am I on the fence about?
The lasting power... A lot of people claim that it stays for 6 hours and all but not for me. Maybe that is just my eye. I dunno.

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REVIEW: Lakme Instaliner

Good ol' Instaliner.

This is the first liner I am going to talk about.
I do believe I have talked about this liner is previous posts when I've talked about five minute makeup. You can click here to read those.

What is it?
A basic liquid liner. Comes in a small bottle with a small thin brush attached to the lid. Regular black. 

What look can I achieve?
The Instaliner is very versatile, from a simple lined eye, to a cat eye, a winged look. Any look which requires definition can be achieved with this liner. 

Price: 65INR when I bought it
What is good about it?
Comes off easily.
Once it sets it doesn't smudge.

What is not good about it?
Not really for beginners as you need a steady hand to apply this
It isn't really waterproof.
Can be a bit flaky.

On the fence about..
It's lasting power. It lasts for about 4 hours properly and then it starts to kind of flake a bit. Especially if you rub you eyes.

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Lakme Eyeconic Kajal
Lakme Absolute Ultimate Kohl.
Lakme Absolute Precision Liquid Liner.
And then read my overall comparison


The Brand. The Product: A New Series

All brands put out different lines of the same product to cater to different needs- like matte eyeshadows and shimmers shadows, gel liners and liquid liners.
This new series is to help all the confused people about there who are not sure which product to buy.
I will be posting a bunch of reviews on one type of product from one brand and then I will also post a simple comparison. No this isn't a war. There is no winner at the end of the this. This is just to help you pick a product to cater to your specific needs.

Hope you find this useful...

miss kays



My favourite YouTube gurus for makeup

YouTube has so many uses, I use it to take class, my dad uses it to watch episodes that he missed of a particular serial, mom listens to devotional songs and sister uses it for all other genres of music. YouTube is the place from where I picked up a lot of makeup tricks, fashion ideas and also tips on organizing
Today I will be talking about the YouTube gurus I like for makeup and only makeup.

First up- Xteeener.
Her real name is Christine and her channel is the first one that I subscribed for.

What I like most about her videos: She talks fluently. I've watched many other YouTube makeup videos and many of the girls either pause, or say 'umm' in between like umm every other umm word (So irritating), and some others make these weird clicking noises with their tongue. It is painful on the ears. It also get so on my nerves when they like, use 'like' between like every word to like express their point.
So the fact that Christine talks so without airs and pauses and quirky sounds is a BIG plus point. The makeup is broken down into simple steps. She covers a lot of the basics and has many different types of looks created.  I have really learnt A LOT from her videos. Her videos are to the point, no unnecessary rambling and definitely worth a watch.

This is the link to her channel-

This is a link to my favourite makeup video of hers-

Next is- The MakeUp Chair
Her real name is Sineady Cady.

What I like most about her videos: Her accent is the first thing. It is just simply pretty! The looks she creates are simple to recreate and right now she is doing a series of videos with the basics, these are my favourite. She is covering everything from how to choose a foundation, to concealer, to corrector. and even face shapes. Brilliant for those like me, who have just started experimenting with makeup. Again she doesn't have any airs or pauses and talks quite fluently and her videos are short and sweet.

This is a link to her channel-

This is a link to the series of videos on the basics-

Next is - Lisa Elridge.
She is professional makeup artist and it shows in her videos. There is bit of rambling at times but that is usually because she is giving tips and talking about other products similar to this. So there is a lot of information being given. I'm pretty sure none of those products are available here which is also a problem. But the videos are good to watch.

here is the link to her channel-

Now how about someone from our very own place- Corallista
Her real name is Ankita.

What I like is about her videos: They are all voice over. So the videos are to the point. Even though she doesn't update on a weekly basis, the looks she create are really pretty and make the wait worth it. Her eyes are just gorgeous!
She is the author of the blog in the same name-
What I like most is the fact that she uses products that are accessible to us. I know it might not be within the budget of every Indian and I wish she would do some videos with products are not MAC or NYX. Maybe some Maybelline and Lakme.

Here is the link to her channel-

So these are the top YouTube gurus who's videos I never miss.

Who are your favourites?

miss kays




FIRST IMPRESSIONS: FACES Canada Pedicure set in Coral

There was a point where I used to shop recklessly, Like It, Buy It, was my motto, but then I grew up (read as grew older) and realized that it wasn't worth shopping like that especially if I wanted to keep on shopping. Its been a while since I just bought something because it looked pretty and this pedicure set was a result of that.


Mini Haul: Maybelline Galore

I am a fan of Maybelline because for a decent price I can get good quality makeup. And on a teacher's salary, MAC etc is simply a luxury that I can't afford. Not complaining. There will come a point where I will be able to.:)