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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: FACES Canada Pedicure set in Coral

There was a point where I used to shop recklessly, Like It, Buy It, was my motto, but then I grew up (read as grew older) and realized that it wasn't worth shopping like that especially if I wanted to keep on shopping. Its been a while since I just bought something because it looked pretty and this pedicure set was a result of that.

My VEGA foot brush was dying and I needed to get a new one, but then when I saw this pretty pink and purple (I love that that combo of colours) pedicure set I had to pick it up and that's what I did. So maybe it wasn't totally reckless, I did need it after all.

Here is what the prettiness looks like.

notice the foot shaped scrubber, its already shedding :P

Was I impressed?
Not really.. But this is just my opinion after one use. Lets see how it fares after a couple of uses.

miss kays