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Mini Haul: Maybelline Galore

I am a fan of Maybelline because for a decent price I can get good quality makeup. And on a teacher's salary, MAC etc is simply a luxury that I can't afford. Not complaining. There will come a point where I will be able to.:)

Anyway Health and Glow is a place that I visit often. The local drugstore here with one in tucked away in every area of Bangalore. They have a lot of nice deals on a monthly basis and though I always go to buy one thing, I walk out with a lot more. Today I went looking for the Maybelline HyperGlossy in Khaki (I have been searching for this beauty for a while now.) and finally I got it!! Along with some other stuff- a lip liner (my first ever) and a Lip gloss. Now I have a valid reason for buying these. First of all there was a 15% off if you shop for 600INR in Maybelline and second of all I found colours that I need for my friend's wedding that am I am leaving for in 2 days.

So here is what I bought.

Girls in Bangalore, you know where to go...

miss kays