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My favourite YouTube gurus for makeup

YouTube has so many uses, I use it to take class, my dad uses it to watch episodes that he missed of a particular serial, mom listens to devotional songs and sister uses it for all other genres of music. YouTube is the place from where I picked up a lot of makeup tricks, fashion ideas and also tips on organizing
Today I will be talking about the YouTube gurus I like for makeup and only makeup.

First up- Xteeener.
Her real name is Christine and her channel is the first one that I subscribed for.

What I like most about her videos: She talks fluently. I've watched many other YouTube makeup videos and many of the girls either pause, or say 'umm' in between like umm every other umm word (So irritating), and some others make these weird clicking noises with their tongue. It is painful on the ears. It also get so on my nerves when they like, use 'like' between like every word to like express their point.
So the fact that Christine talks so without airs and pauses and quirky sounds is a BIG plus point. The makeup is broken down into simple steps. She covers a lot of the basics and has many different types of looks created.  I have really learnt A LOT from her videos. Her videos are to the point, no unnecessary rambling and definitely worth a watch.

This is the link to her channel-

This is a link to my favourite makeup video of hers-

Next is- The MakeUp Chair
Her real name is Sineady Cady.

What I like most about her videos: Her accent is the first thing. It is just simply pretty! The looks she creates are simple to recreate and right now she is doing a series of videos with the basics, these are my favourite. She is covering everything from how to choose a foundation, to concealer, to corrector. and even face shapes. Brilliant for those like me, who have just started experimenting with makeup. Again she doesn't have any airs or pauses and talks quite fluently and her videos are short and sweet.

This is a link to her channel-

This is a link to the series of videos on the basics-

Next is - Lisa Elridge.
She is professional makeup artist and it shows in her videos. There is bit of rambling at times but that is usually because she is giving tips and talking about other products similar to this. So there is a lot of information being given. I'm pretty sure none of those products are available here which is also a problem. But the videos are good to watch.

here is the link to her channel-

Now how about someone from our very own place- Corallista
Her real name is Ankita.

What I like is about her videos: They are all voice over. So the videos are to the point. Even though she doesn't update on a weekly basis, the looks she create are really pretty and make the wait worth it. Her eyes are just gorgeous!
She is the author of the blog in the same name-
What I like most is the fact that she uses products that are accessible to us. I know it might not be within the budget of every Indian and I wish she would do some videos with products are not MAC or NYX. Maybe some Maybelline and Lakme.

Here is the link to her channel-

So these are the top YouTube gurus who's videos I never miss.

Who are your favourites?

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