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REVIEW: Maybelline 40second Express Finish Nail Colour in Fuschia

Hello Everyone..
With the most of the blogosphere buzzing with the pop tints and in general talking about bright neon colours, I looked at my nail polish collection and saw that I had no bright colours as such, barring the Colorbar colour in the previous post and a Lakme nail colour in a pretty blue that I have reviewed here

So I set out to get myself a bright colour and I figured I was not an orange or yellow kind of person (though i do own an orange lipstick. But that story is for another day) so i settled on buying a pink. A nice hot pink.

The light pink is Streetwear in Pink spark.

What I like about this product:
> The colour is brilliant. 
> The finish is smooth.
> It truly is an express finish. The first finger I painted dried before I hit the second!! Like holy cow! How did that happen??
> It is very affordable at 200INR
> One coat is enough for a rich colour.

What I don't like about this
> If you notice my nails carefully then you will see that the edges are kind of chipping off. I applied the colour just a day before I took the pic, so either I do way too much house work, or it doesn't have great staying power.

Will I buy it again?
Well I've never really finished up a nail colour to buy another one of it.. Maybe some other colours in this range..

What do you think?

miss kays