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Monthly Favourites: June

Hello Everyone

I haven't done a monthly favourites post and this month it is all makeup products.

June has been a crazy hectic month for me and even though I have spent a little extra time on my makeup some days, most days I only have time to do a basic look.


Coastal Scents Haul


The best part of having people living abroad is the gifts they get you- chocolates and Bath and Body works usually top the list. However since my obsession with makeup increased I;ve been waiting for someone to get me makeup and come.. I do have a makeup palette from Color Institute but this I wanted some specific stuff.. Now makeup is something isn't easy to order for your dad to bring and come so I just asked my friend to get it. She ordered everything on my list and got it shipped to her place and and brought it when she came down to India for a holiday. I was in a heaven that smelt of Coastal Scents!!!

Here are all the things that I ordered for

the whole haul

the brushes

I finally own a Coastal Scents Palette

a colour corrector to be used with concealer

freebie. they sent something free..

A sneak peek at the palette
So that's everything..
On a side note, I know I have not been regular in posting and I'm sorry to say that it is going to be like that for the next weeks. I have an event that I am organizing along with all my other activities and till that gets over its just crazy crazy crazy.. So I will post on weekends, hopefully.. I haven't even used any of these yet and so well can't really have reviews on them. but I do have other posts in mind and will work on those.. So till next weekend, Ciao.

miss kays


Revlon Cream eyeshadows

I am almost always searching for something or the other, and occasionally I am searching for a particular product. For a very long time I have been searching for the Revlon creme shadow palette and I finally got it. yes i know this is a very old product and in fact it is discontinued now and I should have picked it up earlier, but earlier I didn't know that I would want it so badly. I picked up the last 2 from a Lifestyle counter. Infact while picking it up I got to know that there is a new set of creme eyeshadows that has been put out by Revlon. They look nothing like the these palettes that I got today. I shall definitely not wait for a long time to pick those up.
Anyway here are the 2 I picked up... Reviews as soon as I start using these.

I know they look very similar but one has shades of pink, gold and the other with brown shades. Perfect for everyday looks especially for work..
copper coast

pink petals

hopefully you can see the difference in the shades..
miss kays