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LOTD(s):5 everyday looks.

My everyday looks are simple and to the point, occasionally I do a little bit more. A bit like the notes I use to teach my class.
So here are the looks I wore for the past week.

All the pictures have been taken just before leaving to school on my phone and so yes, they are a bit crappy. But unfortunately between school and tuition trying to find time to do a look and shoot it with a proper camera is just becoming close to impossible.

Day1- pink day

Day 2- coral look

Day 3- maroon maroon

Day 4- add some glitter to the eye

Day 5- smoky brown eye

The Lipstick isn't seen because my darling camera seems to have issues picking up the colour.. Or maybe I wear it too lightly. I think the latter is a higher possibility. When I see myself in the mirror my face looks better, I promise. It is the camera. For sure. Time to get a pro camera. Time to save for that.

miss kays