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FIRST IMPRESSIONS: Maybelline Eyestudio Line Allure Liquid Eyeliner

I really don't know what I was thinking when I bought this. I didn't swatch or anything, I just simply popped into the shopping basket and billed it. This was about 5 months ago. I used it once that time and I did not like it. The line it drew was a think inconsistent irregular line and I have not touched this since then. 
So why an I putting up a First Impressions Post 5 months later? ummm, well, I just saw the post lying as a draft and that's when I even remembered this product existed. 

So my task for the upcoming month is to find a way to make this product work for me. In fact, I think I'm going to dig up a few more products that I have just pushed away and find a away to make them work. Let's call it Project Hidden Jewels. Why 'Hidden Jewels'? Well you never know, I may have some product in my stash that are really good and worth it. I just have to discover them.

miss kays