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REVIEW: Fiama Di Wills Shower Gels

Ok ladies, I have a confession to make. Until about 2 years ago I had never used anything but soap or besan flour (brilliant exfoliation) for a bath. I don’t have a particular reason for not trying a shower gel except that it never crossed my mind that I should. I mean soap worked for me, so why should I change from it?
Then Fiama Di wills happened. In fact I didn’t buy it. My dad did. He went to get himself a perfume and saw this and picked it up. In fact he used it before I did and he quite liked it.

So I started with the Mild Dew one. And used quite a bit of that before I bought the other two.
I don’t use shower gels often. Its more like a once a week thing. I like to spend some time and enjoy my shower , and I don’t get to do that everyday. So its just good ol’ Medimix for the regular days. I use the shower gel the days I get up early.

My experience with the shower gels:

Mild Dew:
It claims to be moisturizing care with soft beads- and yes it is quite moisturizing.
It has a mild smell. Quite pleasant as well.
Lathers well.
Washes off easily.

Clear Springs:
This one is my favourite. That’s why it is over.
I love smell. Its just so fresh.
It says exfoliating care but it isn’t harsh. Not as moisturizing as Mild Dew but that works for me.
Lathers well.
Washes off easily.

Exotic Dream:
This is like my special occasions shower gel.
It has quite a strong smell that lingers on the skin and I usually top it off with a perfume that has similar undertones . Kind of a musky odour.
Lathers well.
Washes off easily.

What I like about product:
It is easily available and not heavily priced.
A little bit on a loofah goes a long way since it lather really well
Nice smelling products
The quantity of product is quite a bit and so lasts for a while. In my case a few months.
There is a difference in the way the 3 products work on your skin. So choose according to need.

What I don’t like about the product:
There isn’t anything that I really dislike.

Will I repurchase?
I already have .