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Bloggers Made Me Buy: Maybelline ClearGlow stick

When I started this section I knew I had to start with this product. It just made so much of sense. The hype that this product created in the blogosphere was overwhelming. I went hunting in store after store trying to get my hands on it, and finally after a bit of a wait I managed to get the Maybelline ClearGlow stick. I picked the shade Fawn.


Fresh face LOTD.

The most important part of teaching class 11 and 12 is the practical portion. The reason is some how or the other, the students will learn theory, but for the practical exam, you need practice and a bit of luck. You could know the theory of how the reaction is supposed to work, but it doesn't always work that way in the lab! Regular lab classes itself are intense, and setting the lab for a practical exam is 2 days of weighing chemicals, mixing solutions, testing and retesting to ensure that the students face minimum difficulty. It is hectic.


LOTD: What I wore for a lunch with school friends.

There is nothing better than catching up friends, laughing about old time, giggling at the present and saying pffffttt about the future.In general creating a big galatta wherever we go :D
My 10th standard friends are the biggest bunch of nutcases that I hang out with and fortunately we have all remained so since.... forever. We make it a point to meet up as often as we can (read as once in a few months) and we've slowly gone up the ladder. From hanging out at the bakery and fast food joint opposite school, we slowly started hanging out at a someone's house and ordered food, we've gone to chinese restaurants and even cooked for one reunion. This time it was a buffet at a fine dining restaurant. Though for the ruckus we created there it is possible we aren't going to be let back there again.


A quick OOTD: Onam Special

Nope I am not a Malayali. Just from the neighbouring state, a Tam Bram (Tamil Brahmin in case you didn't know what that means). In my department we celebrate all festivals with such gusto- food, the attire, everything as authentic as possible.
Here is what I wore for Oname
Decided to give a little colour to the whole attire and so went for red jumkhas, red bangles with a red and green chain and of course a bright lip in terms of makeup. The eye was kept very simple.

You know you keep learning something new everyday?
Well seeing this picture I realised that I really use a very light hand for the blush. So light it is barely seen.. and I need to conceal a bit better under the eye.
And most importantly I should not click so much of direct light with a foundation that contains SPF. I look ghostly and slightly ghastly.
All in All not my best picture but how else do you learn??

what do you think? Terrible or bearable?

miss kays



Bloggers Made Me Buy

As a supposed beauty blogger, whether I update my blog or not, I never miss reading other beauty blogs everyday. My day starts with it and ends with. That is why I have internet on my phone and I am constantly looking into Twitter to see if any of my favourite blogs have updated any posts.
(p.s. here is a link to the post that lists some of the blogs that inspire me)
I am always reading reviews on products whether or not I can afford that product and occasionally I have gone out on a limb and picked up some product just because I read some raving reviews about it. This section is just that- to show you a product I may have picked up under the heady influence of a blogger who just did not stop talking about it, and of course I will give you my review on it.
So here is to fellow bloggers, thanks to your reviews, the cosmetic industry has surely made a few more bucks.

miss kays


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A Letter, and a New Section

Dear Readers, I know I have been missing for a month and well there will always be excuses for putting work off. So I am not here to give excuses but to tell you a little bit about my life.
As you may know I am a teacher. (If you didn't know, now you do). Teaching class 11 and 12 is a full time job. And when I say full time, I mean I spend 75% of my day focussed on them. Besides the 6 hours I spend at school, about 2 hours goes into preparing for their class. Powerpoints and charts take up time. Besides that  I have a few kids in the apartement, who come home for extra help after school hours. So thats another 3 hours per day spent in teaching. This leaves me mentally brain drained and all I wanna do is flop onto my bed and sleep.
What about weekends you say? That goes in setting question papers and correcting answer scripts. Yes. There is so much to being a high school teacher. I love my job!!
So being that exhausted doesn't leave me creative enough to write up a post and edit pictures.

That being said, I actually want to introduce to the idea of a new section. You know how on YouTube you must have seen videos called- YouTube made me buy this, well this section is based on that.
Called Bloggers Made Me Buy This, I will show you what products I buy because of reading some raving reviews on various blogs (yes i make time to read tons of blogs even if I don't write in my own) and follow it up with my own review.

Sounds good??

Let me know.

miss kays