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A Letter, and a New Section

Dear Readers, I know I have been missing for a month and well there will always be excuses for putting work off. So I am not here to give excuses but to tell you a little bit about my life.
As you may know I am a teacher. (If you didn't know, now you do). Teaching class 11 and 12 is a full time job. And when I say full time, I mean I spend 75% of my day focussed on them. Besides the 6 hours I spend at school, about 2 hours goes into preparing for their class. Powerpoints and charts take up time. Besides that  I have a few kids in the apartement, who come home for extra help after school hours. So thats another 3 hours per day spent in teaching. This leaves me mentally brain drained and all I wanna do is flop onto my bed and sleep.
What about weekends you say? That goes in setting question papers and correcting answer scripts. Yes. There is so much to being a high school teacher. I love my job!!
So being that exhausted doesn't leave me creative enough to write up a post and edit pictures.

That being said, I actually want to introduce to the idea of a new section. You know how on YouTube you must have seen videos called- YouTube made me buy this, well this section is based on that.
Called Bloggers Made Me Buy This, I will show you what products I buy because of reading some raving reviews on various blogs (yes i make time to read tons of blogs even if I don't write in my own) and follow it up with my own review.

Sounds good??

Let me know.

miss kays


  1. I know exactly what you mean. I am a lecturer by profession and these days I hardly get time to anything else.
    Yes, that's a very good idea. Bring it on! I would myself love that!

    1. Yes Nivedita, Working on a post right now. Thank you for the support!