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A quick OOTD: Onam Special

Nope I am not a Malayali. Just from the neighbouring state, a Tam Bram (Tamil Brahmin in case you didn't know what that means). In my department we celebrate all festivals with such gusto- food, the attire, everything as authentic as possible.
Here is what I wore for Oname
Decided to give a little colour to the whole attire and so went for red jumkhas, red bangles with a red and green chain and of course a bright lip in terms of makeup. The eye was kept very simple.

You know you keep learning something new everyday?
Well seeing this picture I realised that I really use a very light hand for the blush. So light it is barely seen.. and I need to conceal a bit better under the eye.
And most importantly I should not click so much of direct light with a foundation that contains SPF. I look ghostly and slightly ghastly.
All in All not my best picture but how else do you learn??

what do you think? Terrible or bearable?

miss kays