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Bloggers Made Me Buy

As a supposed beauty blogger, whether I update my blog or not, I never miss reading other beauty blogs everyday. My day starts with it and ends with. That is why I have internet on my phone and I am constantly looking into Twitter to see if any of my favourite blogs have updated any posts.
(p.s. here is a link to the post that lists some of the blogs that inspire me)
I am always reading reviews on products whether or not I can afford that product and occasionally I have gone out on a limb and picked up some product just because I read some raving reviews about it. This section is just that- to show you a product I may have picked up under the heady influence of a blogger who just did not stop talking about it, and of course I will give you my review on it.
So here is to fellow bloggers, thanks to your reviews, the cosmetic industry has surely made a few more bucks.

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